5 Tips To Remember When Shopping for Baby Clothes

This post is sponsored by Just Born for Kohl's, a fun new line of newborn clothing.

When you’re shopping for baby clothes either for your own newborn or as a gift for someone else, it can be tricky to navigate the oversaturated supply that’s available. Between adorable outfits that will only get pulled out once and onesies that are made with subpar material, anyone is bound to get overwhelmed and lost while shopping. There are ways to simplify your hunt for the perfect baby clothing and I’ve compiled five simple tips to help you narrow down your search to make the right decision when shopping for a little one!


Just Born baby clothing1.  Comfort

Comfort is the primary concern when it comes to a baby’s clothing. The only way to make sure that an item is truly comfortable is to feel it in person- and that means hitting the stores! You can head to your local Kohl’s (my favorite baby clothing store) to peruse the Baby Clothing department and touch and feel each item to find the most comfortable fabrics and designs.

2. Quality

Quality is an important facet to consider with baby clothes. You want to find something that will be sturdy, comfortable, and well-made. A great way to understand quality is by checking the label for the materials that the clothes are made of. Kohl’s now carries the Just Born Line which is made of organic cotton. The trend toward organic cotton makes sense when you consider that non-organic options can contribute to water pollution and may contain harmful materials that are linked to health concerns. With the Just Born Line, each item is certified to ensure that your baby is not only comfortable, but safe as well.

3. Sizing

Sizing can be a handful with baby clothing. For example, my 6.8 pound newborn only fit into preemie sized clothing at birth even though he was full term- and we had no preemie clothing on hand! My baby then grew quickly to fit into size 6 month clothing at only 3 months old. All that to say, the age range of the label won’t necessarily fit the size of your baby- it’s more based on average sizes of the age group. That means that there may be some trial and error in finding the right size, but that a well-fitted outfit is important for the safety and comfort of your baby. Another good reason to shop in store at Kohls would be to correctly size your baby and take advantage of their friendly return policies!

4. Price Point

Just Born for KohlsPrice point is a top concern for the majority of parents since baby items can add up so quickly during that first year. You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on designer outfits that your baby will be uncomfortable in and only wear once. It makes more sense to concentrate on the important tips listed above and then find a comfortable price point that covers all of the bases. The Just Born line at Kohl’s is not only top of the line in comfort and quality, but it’s at an affordable price point to give every family the opportunity to receive the products that their babies deserve. Even better, Kohl’s has a SALE in store and online for the Just Born line that just launched for 30% off from 9/9-9/22 which you can find here!

5. Style

Last but not least important is style. We all want our babies to look adorable (since they already are so cute!) But putting them into an unstylish or drab outfit isn’t very exciting for the parents. There’s a happy medium solution for style, and that includes cute, baby-friendly designs that don’t ignore the other tips included in this list. My favorite designs are from the classic baby clothing companies, and the Just Born Line at Kohls delivers in adorable prints and designs as seen in their Lil Dino and Lil Llama collections.

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