A Mom’s Guide to Botox

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I don’t know about you, but the last four months have aged me. I’ve definitely seen how the stress of this pandemic has taken a toll – my hormonal acne has flared up and those forehead lines are getting deeper by the day.

I also happened to turn 41 in June and felt maybe it was time to start doing something about the aging process instead of just complaining about it. I started slow by adding in a retinol cream into my evening skincare routine. I have a hard time spending money or “treating” myself (mom guilt), so this seemed easy and inexpensive, but it can only do so much. I have been curious about Botox injections for awhile now, as many friends are regulars and love it, so I finally decided to take the plunge.

mom getting botoxI went to Dr. Jeff Markey and Amy Brown at Ascentist Aesthetics and Facial Plastics. Dr. Markey is a Facial Plastic Surgeon and Amy is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Both are advanced practitioners who have a high level of expertise and more detailed knowledge of the facial anatomy (meaning they know where all the large nerves and vessels are). As a first timer, this made me feel so much better about letting someone inject my face. The injections itself only took about 15 minutes, but I asked a LOT of questions, so I could share my experience:

What is it and how does it work?

Dr. Markey and Amy use Botox and Jeuveau (a new form of Botox) for facial wrinkle reduction and prevention. It can also be used to treat migraines and TMJ pain (which I happen to have both and may consider this in the future). It works by temporarily inactivating the underlying contraction of muscles. It reduces and prevents the signs of aging, provides a better rested appearance and helps slow the rate of further facial wrinkles – which is why some people start young for “preventive” measures. There are no systemic affects and wears off on its own.

Amy, who is a working mom who loves to help other moms freshen up their appearance, mentioned I could see results within a few days, but full results show within two weeks. They will last about 3 or 4 months.

The process

mom preparing for botoxAfter all my questions, it was time to get down to business. I made a series of “mad” faces so they could assess the damage. We talked about how I still wanted to look natural and like myself, just with less lines on my forehead in particular. I mentioned the areas around my eyes and was pleasantly surprised as Dr. Markey said that “adds character” to my face and those aren’t considered crow’s feet just yet. That made me feel even more confident that I would still look like myself and not appear fake or that I had work done.
They determined I would need 29 units of Jeuveau and circled areas on a sheet where they would inject. Everyone needs a different amount and it can vary over time. You could even need less as you keep up with the treatments.

They wiped off my makeup to sterilize the area. Dr. Markey injected me about 10-12 times around the forehead area and between my eyebrows to take care of those infamous “11s”. It felt like slight pinches or pricks – similar to getting a blood draw on your finger tip. Some areas stung more than others. After each injection, Dr. Markey asked how I was doing…and surprisingly I remained very still and calm (if you know me, that’s difficult). I bled just ever so slightly and they gave me an ice pack for a few minutes. Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all and this is coming from someone who has a very low pain threshold.mom getting Botox

The results

I didn’t experience any bruising (if you do, Amy suggests Vitamin K Serum or Arnika) and couldn’t tell I had anything done. In fact, I met a friend right after who didn’t even realize I had gotten it done (even though I had told her I was beforehand).
I had the injections on a Friday and by Tuesday, I started to see some improvements. My eyebrows seemed lifted, the 11s were nearly gone and only a few lines on the forehead remained. I did notice a tightening sensation across my forehead that felt a bit like sinus pressure, but that went away in a few days as well.

By two weeks, my forehead was so smooth and I looked well rested. As a mom of 3, with a 4 year old who sleeps with me nearly every night, that was a nice bonus! I felt more confident in not wearing makeup as my face had a nice fresh appearance and no one has realized I had gotten Botox – my husband included. I am amazed each time I look in the mirror that those pesky lines are finally gone and am already dreading the day they come back. Thankfully I now know where to go!

Special offer for KCMC readersbotox before and after

If you’re looking to freshen up that appearance and say goodbye to your lines, I highly recommend Amy and Dr. Markey at Ascentist Aesthetics. Besides Botox, they also perform other injectable procedures such as facial filler for lips and cheeks and Kybella injections for the chin area.

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Laura is wife to Marty, and mom to Michael (11), Joseph (9) and Anna (5). She spends most of her days juggling working from home, shuffling kids to activities and can usually be found cheering on the boys from the baseball stands. She is born and raised in Kansas City, graduated from KU (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) and has spent most of her career in advertising sales. She loves big Italian family dinners, trying out new restaurants in Kansas City on a rare date night and can never say no to an impromptu dance party with her kids.