Brittany Reinke

Hi! My name is Brittany Reinke. I'm a born-and-raised Olathe native. I graduated from Olathe North, received my Undergrad in Vocal Performance from William Jewell College, received my Master's in Mental Health Counseling from Mid-America Nazarene University and have now settled down in Southern Olathe. If you couldn't tell, just from that track record, I am beyond passionate about living, communing and raising my children in this area! I have been married to Keven, the love of my life, since 2013 and we have three beautiful boys together. Ben is 4, Leo is 2 and Miles is 7 months and, yes, I'm tired. However, I'm tired in the most glorious and fulfilling ways. I am a huge nerd. I love all things Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek... you name it. I absolutely love reading and would love to start my own book club once I master the art of getting through a book at a reasonable rate, something I'm not expecting quite yet at this life-stage. I am a chronic DIY-er. If there's a room in my house that I can renovate, I will figure out a way to put my special touches on it from the subfloor up! I live with Cerebral Palsy which has progressively taken its toll on my body, however, I'm an extremely determined gal and am set on making this journey through motherhood as fun, wild and exciting as it can be!

Adaptive Parenting: Life as a Disabled Mom in Kansas City

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