Ali Liggett

li was born and raised in Lee’s Summit, MO and graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in Political Science. She met her wife, Abby, in 2015 and the two now live in Leawood, KS currently with their amazing toddler, Amelia. In addition to wrangling her toddler, Ali loves adventures, road trips, Diet Dr. Pepper and advocating for causes she cares about. She’s never met a stranger and loves connecting with new friends. Ali is excited to be joining the Kansas City Mom Collective and to share her unique perspective on becoming a mom, advocating for mental health awareness and learning how to be a more socially responsible human (and raising socially responsible tiny humans).
kids legs in a row

Modern Family: Meeting the Diblings

It’s no secret that when my wife and I decided to start the process of having a child, we needed some help. My wife dreamed of being pregnant, and although I wanted to be a...
girl in car seat

Car Seat Safety Reminders

I’m about to break the cardinal rule of parenting — don’t comment on other people’s parenting. I believe everyone wants the best for their child, and we all have different ways of going about...
a small very upset child

Distress Tolerance Parenting

To preface, I am a first-time mother to an 18-month-old daughter, so I won’t pretend to have all the answers. I do know what has worked for us, both for our own sanity and...
woman with her hands anxiously over her face

My Journey with Anxiety, Depression, and TMS

I was 5 years old when I experienced my first panic attack. I didn’t have a word for it, but looking back, I know exactly what it was. From then on, I have experienced...
Hawaiian Brothers - Shawnee

Hawaiian Bros Expanding in Kansas City

This post is sponsored by Hawaiian Bros, now with six locations in the KC metro. Hawaiian Bros is expanding rapidly in Kansas City and its newest location in Shawnee, Kan. is a perfect option for...
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