Audrey Lawson-Sanchez is mom to Ada, her one-and-done four-year-old. Two weeks after meeting her partner Elliot, she was engaged, six months later they eloped and 10 years later they moved back to Audrey’s hometown. A former public educator, Audrey now runs a national public health and nutrition nonprofit. Although she tries her best to not be “one of those vegans” - Audrey loves sharing plant-based eating recipes and ways to sneak more vegetables into every meal (don’t be shy if you have questions!) In addition to talking about kale, Audrey spends her time advocating on behalf of the LGBTQIANB+ community, and putting her poetry degree to good (albeit not profitable) use.
vegetarian skillet

You Don’t Have to Hide the Veggies

Here’s a startling fact, fewer than 10% of kids in America eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. In other words, 9 out of 10 kids aren’t eating enough of the foods most...

My Hysterectomy

CW: menstruation, reproductive health, surgery A month after my 32nd birthday I made one of the most important decisions of my life. And it’s a decision that may make many readers uncomfortable, which is exactly...

How to Eat More Plant-Based in Kansas City

Like Beyonce you’ve resolved to eat a more plant-based diet in 2019, but you don’t know where to start and you don’t want to eat dry iceberg lettuce (snooze) or plain tofu (yyuucckk) every...

Unpopular Opinion: Elf on the Shelf is The Worst

Good thing I didn't get into the business of occasional-freelance-voluntary blog writing to make friends, because what I'm about to say will not win over many hearts. Y’all, the Elf on the Shelf is...

Inclusive Language Makes a Difference

Contrary to the popular, albeit outdated, rhyme sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never me, words matter. Words matter a lot. They have the potential to incite violence. Exclude or...

15 Surefire Ways to Fight Mom Guilt

You know how moms are supposed to have it all, do it all, be it all or feel wracked with guilt?  But also how we’re supposed to sacrifice something we have/do/are (our job, staying home,...

I’m So Bored

Roughly five minutes into playing pretend with my preschooler, a little voice pipes up, “I’M SSSOOO BORED!” Nope, it’s not coming from my daughter. It’s coming from inside my head. Truth time: I get really...

Queer Mom: Identity, Visibility, and Parenting

Identity is a tricky thing. Even for the most self-assured, motherhood has a way of shaking up what we think we know about ourselves. This has been especially true for me, a queer woman...

A Framework for Supporting BIG FEELINGS

Young children are not especially known for their subtlety. Not when it comes to expressing their style, their opinions, or their feelings. We’ve all been witness to the meltdown in aisle 8, car seat tantrum,...

Pop Some Tags: Thrifting Kids’ Clothing

When I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband and I read the book Redefining Girly (and have since recommended it to every parent we know, including you!). One section of the book I...

Laid Back Parenting

Raise your hand if you love a good Buzzfeed quiz. I mean, who DOESN’T want to know what kind of avocado toast they are?! And since I’m so clearly an organic chili flakes on vegan...

What About Calculus? Why We’re Unschooling

Now, before I begin, I’d like it noted that the following opinions are not an indictment of public, private, or otherwise more traditional schools. Both my parents are educators – my dad was even...

The World We Live in Now: Hope in a Time of Uncertainty

“Can you imagine thinking we only have 15 minutes to live? I wouldn’t do anything but hold our child,” I said to my husband as news of the Hawaii emergency alert played in the...

Help! A Vegetarian is Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner

Picture this: your sister-in-law/nephew/neighbor/brother’s new girlfriend is vegetarian/vegan and they’re coming to your house for Thanksgiving. When it comes to making veg* versions of our favorite holiday meals, most people don’t even know where...

Not Just Salad! Easy Ways to Eat Veg Around KC

The most common thing people ask when they hear that our family – 3-year-old daughter included – eats a plant-based diet is, “But where does she get her protein?” I often bite my tongue...
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