woman listening

Silence is Golden: My Experiment with Shutting Up

Let me start with a disclaimer. The following is true. If you know me, you may be surprised—astonished really—to learn that there are things I think but don’t say. My defense is that I’ve...
christmas socks by fire

Navigating Holiday Traditions

I grew up in a Christmas Day family. We waited for Santa, opened gifts, visited grandparents and shared a holiday meal, all on December 25. My husband, on the other hand, was raised in...
hand holding heart

Offering Grace: Simple Gratitude Practices

Sometimes I wonder what my boys will be like as grown-ups. Will they be funny like their dad? Will they find work they love? Will they discover the joys of reading for pleasure? Most of...

Finding My Mom Community

I suspected that I was older than many first-time moms when I became pregnant at 35. My suspicions were confirmed when my OB referred to my situation as Advanced Maternal Age. This condition was...
mom and son

I Say Yes: Leaning in to the Last Year at Home

I was standing in the parking lot of the grocery store, talking to a mom friend. I asked her how her college kid was doing. And she started to cry. He was doing well...
school supplies

Teachers (And Schools) Need Love, Too!

There are a lot of really important relationships in life, from your spouse to your best girlfriends to the person who cuts your hair. Each of these relationships takes care to flourish.  Your relationship with...