Claire made her way to Kansas City after graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she met her husband Scott (a KC native and Mizzou grad). Both are high school educators; she teaches English while he often schools her in history. They live in Olathe with their two small children -- Evan 5 & Abbie 3. Claire regularly spends time advocating for early childhood education/intervention and is always looking for ways to become more civically engaged. She loves cheering on the Huskers and the Royals, date nights, reading five books at once, writing, contemplating the deeper issues of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and listening to her kids giggle together. Catch some of those giggles on Instagram @clairebear_kc.
pic of two kids wearing masks

Kids’ Masks by Charlie Hustle, a KC Favorite

This post is sponsored by Charlie Hustle, a Kansas City based brand representing the civic pride of the Midwest. Use the promo code COLLECTIVE15 for 15% off purchases of $25 or more. Valid 9/08...
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Starting Kindergarten During COVID-19

Quite a few members of our team have little ones slated to head off to kindergarten this upcoming school year. While there are no easy or even good choices to make right now in regard...
pic of pregnant woman's belly, profile

A Pandemic Pregnancy

What I’ve been telling people, as some sort of self-imposed clarification I guess, is that we planned for this pregnancy — TMI, this baby was not a quarantine conception. What we didn’t plan for...

Course Correction: Navigating the New Normal

I’m going to be honest with you. During the early days of social distancing, in the aftermath of no-more-school-for-the-rest-of-the-year, while I digested this new normal, all of the color-coded schedule, science experiment, creative art...
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My View: Worried.

So many feelings to process. One that‘s been bubbling to the surface of my mind since the infamous Wednesday (you know, the day the NBA shut its doors and Tom Hanks announced he and...

Where Do All the Socks Go? And Other Kid Clothing Woes

Of all the things about parenting I thought would bring me anxiety, organizing and laundering my children’s clothing wasn’t on my radar. That was, until we had our first baby shower and were inundated...
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A Local Look at Early Childhood Education

Over the last two years, I’ve felt compelled to learn more about how various systems in our area work in order to be a better informed citizen who does more than merely vote when...
Urban Air

Activate Awesome at Urban Air Lenexa

This post is sponsored by Urban Air Lenexa, the area’s newest trampoline and adventure park. Opinions belong to the writer. We all need to deepen our bench of indoor activities that allow our kids to...

Why I Love (and Hate) Staying Up Late

10:30PM -- the night is young. I still have two, maybe three hours. Time to finish tasks I couldn’t complete while chasing our toddler, teaching high school English, or shuffling our preschooler from school...
gift boxes

Gift Anxiety: When Something has to Give

Celebrations involving gifts vary from family to family. While many opt to stick with traditional gifting customs, some don’t -- no option being better than the other. Personally, my husband and I (mainly me…)...

Election 2019: Why Odd Years Aren’t Off Years

I so vividly remember the first time I voted. In fact, I switched my voter registration from my hometown of Bellevue, Nebraska to my sorority house in Lincoln, Nebraska -- Go Big Red! --...

Confessions of the Chronically Late

This summer, an amazing and unexpected thing happened on what started off as an ordinary Friday. When I got out of bed, I had no idea the sense of accomplishment that was in store....
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Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Unexpected Journey

You know that feeling you get when there is something going on with your child, but you can't quite articulate what it is? For me, "that feeling" has been a complex web...

Control the Chaos: Streamline Your Family’s Communication

Earlier this year, I hit my limit. I couldn't go on any longer. I was done ... forwarding emails to my husband, receiving emails from my husband, and asking/answering the question, "What do we...