Denise Mersmann

Denise Mersmann
Hi! I’m Denise; wife to Doug for 36 years, mom to Kate who lives in DC and works at NASA, Caroline who became our angel at four months old and Ryan who is a junior at KState majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Physics and two fantastic felines, Walter and Arthur. I love to take pictures, cook and bake, watch sports, dabble in most any type of crafting and hang out with my family. Mostly out of necessity, I have become fascinated with social media and have a false sense of pride that I am better at it than most people my age. I have a constantly changing bucket list, mostly revolving around things I can do with friends or family and that doesn’t require me to address my solid fear of heights!

Unsafe at Home in America

Last week, our family should have been taking a 17-hour road trip. Thursday was the day we were taking our daughter, Kate, back to her home in the suburbs of Washington D.C.   Kate has been...

Dear 2020: You Didn’t Win…

Dear 2020, Wow! You are about to head out of here, no longer the year, but a piece of the past that I will likely never forget. I feel like we need to have some closure,...

Creating Holiday Traditions That Last

I feel a little cheated by the Elf on the Shelf.   This tiny North Pole transplant came around when my kids were too old to engage with him. While the Elf is the bane of...
woman standing in a field at sunset, arms spread

A Gratitude-Focused Lifestyle

As parents, we spend years encouraging, reminding and prodding our kids to say “thank you.” Usually, we start with a small nod, then a gentle nudge of “What do you say?” and finally we...
pic of woman's hands holding a pink ribbon

My Mother’s Diagnosis: Baby Girl Bows Become Breast Cancer Ribbons

There is never a good time for someone you love to say, “I have to have a biopsy.”   No matter how many times you have heard the words before, that sentence can literally take...
reuseable bag

Earth Day 2020: Time To Do My Part

This year for Lent, I gave up plastic bags. Cold turkey. If I went to the store without my bag, I either purchased new reusable bags or shoved what I could in my purse...
girl looking down

My View: Disappointment is a Valuable Teacher

I’m sorry you are disappointed -- so am I. For all the parents who are hearing the frustrated cries of their children about things they are missing out on, this is your time to...
football party

How to Host the Best Chiefs Watch Party

Good things come to those who wait. Yes, they do. After waiting 50 years, we're starring in the Big Game Sunday! As the city has turned a beautiful shade of red, fans are showing their...

All Ages, All Things Fall at Johnson Farms

“Mums” the word at Johnson Farms Plants and Pumpkins! At least that was what I believed for several years. But as it turns out, you will need a lot more words to describe all...

Lessons from Football Last a Lifetime

Our son, Ryan, is 21 years old. From the time he was old enough to talk he wanted to play football. Tackle football. Ryan hasn’t played football for several years, but I believe that he...
family walking

This is the Best Stage Ever in Our Family

Our family vacation this year was amazing! Just the four of us. My husband Doug and I, our daughter Kate, and our son Ryan met in DC and drove to Toronto with several stops...

Volunteering May Be Exhausting, But It’s Worth It

For me, parenting has been a long series of surprises. I had no idea that I could function for months on almost no sleep, that every single thing my kids did would be the greatest...

BLT: Summer In A Sandwich (Plus Bacon Cooking Techniques!)

In our family, the ultimate celebration of summer is a perfect bacon, lettuce and tomato (BLT) sandwich. And the key piece of that summer treasure is the B. Finding the best bacon can be a...

Family Values: Finding Your ‘Why’ Together

Family values. We all have them, even if we can't articulate them. Assuming that we do have family values, what exactly are we doing with them? Family values don’t count for much if we don’t...
kid conversations

Keep Kids Talking: How to Have Open Conversations

Those adorable first baby sounds, the coos and babbles that we try so hard to make sound like real words are the beginning of a lifetime of communication ups-and-downs between parents and their kids.  From...