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pic of women at a protest

Anti-racism: A Maternal Call To Action

Childhood Memories I can still remember as a first grader being driven home by a white classmate and her mother after a sleepover.  Upon pulling up to my residence, the classmate exclaimed “Wow! I can’t believe...
pic of tiles with white figure outlines surrounding one black outlined figure

I Can’t Outrun Racism

When I was very young, my parents lived in a small Michigan town between their two jobs. We didn’t go to school there, and I didn’t understand why at the time. “Too racist,” my...

Speech and Language: Summertime is a GREAT Time to Close the Gap

This post is sponsored by Children's Therapy Services in Overland Park. They can help your child improve speech and language so they are ready for school in the fall! You may have a concern or...
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Family Friendly Hiking in Kansas City

It was the third weekend of KC’s stay-at-home ordinance, and by Saturday morning at 8 a.m., I had already received several texts and Facebook messages: “We need to get out of the house… we...
pic of stressed mother holding baby

Taking Care of Your Mental Health This Mother’s Day

Two years ago, I curled up on my living room sofa and prayed for my life to be different. “You are not broken,” I repeated over and over to myself, my hands clasped around...

Having A Baby During the Pandemic

Hospitals across Kansas City are restricting visitors including those for moms in labor. While it’s not ideal, the purpose is to keep mom, baby and hospital staff safe and most importantly healthy. Providing emotional support...

PE Class from Home: Staying Active During School Closures

As parents try to structure their kids' days with no school day to rely on, it's important to remember to save time to get their energy out and give them the opportunity to just...

5 Ways Brushing Can Be Fun for Your Kids 

Tooth decay, cavities, and the occasional temper tantrum. Although most parents understand the perennial battle of getting their children to brush their teeth, the fight to ensure a healthy and cavity-free smile is worth...

Why the Chiefs Matter (Even if You’re Not a Football Fan)

I am the first to admit that my Chiefs fandom is probably going to collapse under Serious Fan scrutiny. I was raised in Chicago by a Bears fan family, and have sort of adopted...
family budget

My Secret to Managing the Family Budget 

This post is sponsored and written by Commerce Bank. When you are a new mom, there are few things more satisfying than reaching the end of the month and discovering leftover funds in your checking...
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All I Need to Know: Five Years Later

In May 2014, my boys were almost five and seven years old. I was a practicing attorney and life juggler like every other mom, my creative outlet being the fun and introspective blog posts...

Healthcare Made Easier: Convenient Care You Can Count On

It's wintertime, which means plenty of people are coughing, sneezing and blowing their noses. But if you or a loved one start to show these symptoms, how do you know what level of care...
pediatric dentist

First Aid Tips for Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies seem to happen during the busiest times of the year and with the holidays quickly approaching, it’s a good idea to keep your nearest Smile Generation®-trusted pediatric dentist’s number on hand. Little...

Holiday Wish List: Toys That Teach for Every Age

This post is sponsored and written by Olathe Health Pediatric Therapists.This holiday season, we've got you covered! The Pediatric Therapists at Olathe Health put together a list of toys your kids will love that...

But You Don’t Look Like You Are Battling Breast Cancer

We are thrilled to bring you this personal account of Marilyn's breast cancer battle during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This post is sponsored by HCA Midwest Health and is written by patient Marilyn Scherer. I...