Holly Pyle

Holly loves to talk. In fact, she spent the majority of her fifth-grade year isolated to the back of her classroom for excessive talking.  She was reprimanded for this in various ways throughout her education, including during graduate school. She is now mother to Greer, her incessantly yammering three-year-old daughter. Holly’s parents regularly chuckle at this poetic justice. Fittingly, she works as a Speech Pathologist at a local hospital. She is married to Austin, a third-year emergency medicine resident who works an abhorrent amount of hours. Holly isn't bitter about this at all. In addition to excessive talking, Holly enjoys buying and killing houseplants, rearranging home decor, thrifting clothes for her daughter, and doughnuts. She is passionate about the use of the Oxford comma, women supporting women, and the power of vulnerability in relationships. She struggles with racking up library late fees, writing bios, infertility, and understanding people who desire to go to Vegas.  
mom friends

To the Mom Who is Moving: Friendship Awaits

We stood in the hazy blue glow of the Kansas City Aquarium on an unseasonably warm February day.  Our daughters swirled around our feet, darting from starfish to jellyfish to sea turtles. “What are...

On Leaving the Workforce

Last September, after a bad day at work-- nay, a bad two years-- I came home determined to quit my job. I was frustrated, fed up, finished. My work-wife, Anna, had quit a few months...
Evolve Juicery and Kitchen

Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Oh My!

Wanna know a secret? We struggle with wasting food at our house. Not terribly, but certainly more often than I would like, which always triggers some guilt because I hate wasting food. It feels...

Holiday Magic at Crown Center

The amount of snow the KC metro has seen in the past month alone has been more than it has seen in the last several years combined and while some folks may be griping...

The Mother I Was Before Children

My three year old, Greer, emerged from the womb a great sleeper.  A terrible nurser, a grumpy waker, but a great sleeper. She slept in four hour stretches right off the bat. We had...

Loving Your Friend or Family Member Through A Miscarriage

I was a mother for almost two years before I held my daughter. Though she was the first baby I held in my arms, she was not the one who made me a mother....

Instagram and Authenticity: A Paradox

One of the things that brings me great joy in this life is beauty. I adore beautiful things and places. I love home design, photography, and art. Tidy and impeccably decorated spaces make my...

Surviving Your Spouse’s Horrifying Work Schedule

A medical residency is, in no uncertain terms, an exercise in misery.  Residents are overworked, grossly underpaid, and in one of the most stressful careers imaginable.  My husband Austin is in his third (and...
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