Jen was born and raised in Overland Park. After going to Indiana University for college, then living in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, she grew exhausted of circling for a parking spot and headed back home to be near family. She and her husband Matt are parents to a 10 year-old boy and a 8 year-old girl. Jen teaches kindergarten and her husband teaches high school, so they wonder how they’ll relate to their kids during the middle school years. She spends her free time cheering on the Chiefs, Royals, and Hoosiers, hanging out with family, laughing with her teacher friends, and fostering a love/hate relationship with boxing. She also loves traveling, Target, coffee, wine, sunflowers and all things pop culture.
kid on computer

Top Five Lists to Beat Kids’ Boredom

Alright. Here’s the thing. We are inside. We are self-quarantined. We are doing our part to flatten the curve. This will be hard because we will all be together. All of the time. But...
kid building with legos

The Lesson of Legos

Recently, my husband and I found ourselves in the Lego Store, alone, without kids. We both have an affinity for these colorful bricks, and we love perusing the sets without a child begging us...
valentines party

Acing the School Valentine’s Day Party

Alright moms, raise your hand if you’ve gotten the email, looking for volunteers to help with your child’s Valentine’s Day party at school. Now, raise your hand if you’ve been scouring Pinterest, searching for...
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The Dyslexia Debate

In early November 2019, the Kansas State Board of Education voted unanimously to approve policies aimed at improving the identification of students with dyslexia. This will provide the students with better services and increase...

Groceries Delivered to My Fridge? I’m All In!

This post is sponsored by Walmart InHome, groceries delivered right to your fridge! Opinions belong to the writer. Grocery shopping has slowly become a detested chore for me. Since I work outside the home, I...
eating holiday meal

Prepping for Holiday Visitors

Christmas 2019 is upon us. And this will not be a low-key Christmas for our family. This is the biennial Graul Family Christmas! This is my mom’s side of the family, and we converge...

Amazing KC Kids: Meet Kate VanKeirsbilck, Lemon Club Founder

Meet Kate VanKeirsbilck, this month’s Amazing KC Kid! Kate is a busy junior at Notre Dame de Sion High School in Kansas City, MO. Before graduating, each student must complete 100 hours of community...

The Day My Son Became a Tween

My family and I went on a Disney Cruise in July. This was our second cruise, and we loved the first one SO much, we chose the exact same ship and itinerary this time....
chiefs fans

Cheering for the Chiefs: A Season of Hope

This morning, our eight-year-old crawled into our bed and asked, “What are we doing today?” I said her grandparents were coming over to watch the Chiefs game. And in her best announcer voice, she yelled...

Updating My Resume: Learning to Celebrate My Accomplishments

So, in April, I did a thing. I hadn’t done this in, oh, 17 years. I updated my resume and interviewed for a job. And no, it wasn’t like riding a bike. I’ve been an...

A Mom’s Guide to the Art Course at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

Back-to-school time is upon us (yikes!), but if you’re looking for a fun outing with the kids in these final weeks of summer vacation, look no further than the Art Course at The Nelson-Atkins...
moving box and key

Packing Up My Parents

About a month ago, a very big thing happened. My parents moved out of their home of 34 years. We loved that house. I’d spent my teenage years living there. My brother and I...

Amazing KC Kids: Meet Charlie Walsh, Cancer Hero and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Ambassador

We’re excited to introduce you this month’s Amazing KC Kid – Charlie Walsh! Charlie and his family are ambassadors for the local Kansas City chapter of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. In 2007, Charlie was...

Amazing KC Kids: Meet Mikey Hermon, founder of Mikey’s Meals

Imagine you’re a student sitting in class, trying to focus on what the teacher is saying. Your stomach is growling, knowing that lunchtime is right around the corner. After what seems like an eternity,...

Amazing KC Kids: Meet Lily Sowle, Founder of Lily’s League

Meet this month’s Amazing Kid – Lily Sowle! Along with being your typical middle-schooler (enjoying soccer, reading and Snapchat), Lily is the creator of Lily’s League: Cleats for a Cause, which donates gently used...