JiaoJiao Shen

pronounce name

Say My Name – And If You Can’t Pronounce It, Just Ask

All my life, people have mispronounced my name. Teachers, nurses, doctors, coffeeshop baristas, restaurants hosts and hostesses, co-workers, parents of my friends, parents of my kids' friends, etc. I get it. It’s a unique...
best friend

I Don’t Have a Best Friend, and I’m OK with That

When you’re a kid, having a best friend is incredibly important. It was something I dreamed about endlessly when I was growing up. I moved around a lot as a child and changed schools...
strong girl

A Letter to My Bold and Fearless Daughter

Dearest daughter, The day you came into this world was the day I learned that no amount of planning could have prepared me for you. You arrived two weeks early, on the Fourth of July,...
Fourth of July fireworks

Both My Kids Were Born on the Fourth of July, but Are They Really...

When I was pregnant with my son, people teased me endlessly that I was going to have a Fourth of July baby. My son’s due date was July 10. I laughed at their comments...
Family Photo

You’re Not Half of Anything; You are Twice of Everything

Every few weeks, after dropping off my kids at school or on my way to pick them up, I listen to a podcast. One specific episode of one specific podcast. The podcast: Lola’s Ink The episode:...
white text on a black background reading hashtag "Stop Asian Hate"

Enough is Enough! We Must #StopAsianHate!

On Tuesday, March 16, eight people, six of them Asian women, were shot and killed at three massage parlors in the Atlanta-area. A 21-year-old white man was arrested after a manhunt. This crime happened amidst increasing...
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