Julia Willhite

I'm Julia and I live in Olathe with my husband of 14 years, my 8 and 4 year old daughters, and a sweet old blind pug we call Boopers. I’m a social worker turned SAHM and love Dr. Pepper, thunderstorms, and talking to other adults. I hate coffee, diet culture, and washing dishes. I'll talk your ear off about the best local parks and which restaurants have wronged me by changing their long-standing menu items. I try to walk the line between knowing a lot of stuff and not being a know-it-all. Some days I'm better than others.
kids trick or treating

Trick (and Trunk) or Treating in KC

Need an excuse to wear that Halloween costume one more time and add to your candy stash? Check out these fun and mostly free events around town during the last two weeks of October....
haunted Kansas City

Spooky Halloween Events in Kansas City

While there are plenty of fall and Halloween events in Kansas City to look forward to this year, for some it's not Halloween without a good scare. If you really want to send chills down...
mom and daughter eating dinner

Helping our Kids Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food

I have struggled with my relationship with food since I was very young, but I internalized the idea that eating disorders are a thin person problem and that people in larger bodies didn't have...
kids playing on a playground

Kansas City Parks Guide

With hundreds of parks to choose from in the Kansas City metro, it can be hard to know where to start! Here's our guide to our favorite parks in Kansas City with details to...
best cookies in Kansas City

Guide to the Best Cookies in Kansas City

It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and a great excuse to try a new bakery to find the best cookies in Kansas City. I love a good chocolate chip cookie but can never limit...
Lake Olathe entrance

A Mom’s Guide to Lake Olathe

With a swimming beach, aqua park, marina, nature playground, and spray ground, you may have a hard time fitting in all the fun available at Lake Olathe in one visit. Here's what you need...
splash pad

Best Splash Pads in Kansas City

Summer is here! As the temperature rises, we're all looking for ways to cool off. If you are new to splash pads (also called spray grounds or spray parks), they are typically free public parks with...
Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free Deals in Kansas City

Now that the world is re-opening and families are venturing out to restaurants again it's a great time to check out all the kids eat free deals at area restaurants. We've compiled a list...
Berry Picking Guide

Kansas City Berry Picking Guide

Berry picking has been a fun family tradition for a few years for us, as well as the "uh, what do we do with 14 pounds of berries?!" freakout that comes next. Area farms...

Birth Story: 59 Minutes and 4 Pushes

This birth story series is sponsored by HCA Midwest Health.  My first labor was called a precipitous labor. Fortunately in that case, I was already in the hospital for observation when my water broke and...
family friendly patios in Kansas City

Family Friendly Patios in Kansas City

Dining on patios is perfect for families because you don't have to worry as much about your child's volume, and if you need to get up and go for a little walk to get...
charcuterie board with cheeses and fruit

Family Friendly Charcuterie Boards

Last year, in an effort to stop the non-stop snack requests, I started putting out a snack tray in the afternoon to offer a variety of foods to my kids. Sometimes on a plate,...

Valentine’s Day Guide: A Date Night at Home

With COVID-19 still making date night out a challenge, this Valentine's Day we're celebrating with a little at-home date night after the kids are in bed. There are lots of great local choices for...
two friends making a heart with each of their hands outside at sunset

The 2020 Effect on Friendships

I've been reflecting recently on how 2020 was a year that brought a lot of change and clarity to friendships in my life. I've spoken with others who also experienced this. One friend put...
pic of mug full of hot chocolate topped with marshmellows

Kansas City Hot Chocolate Guide

Hot chocolate season is upon us! It is the perfect kid friendly drink for the holiday season whether you're going to see lights or enjoying a family night at home. It is especially great on...
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