Julia Willhite

I'm Julia and I live in Olathe with my husband of 14 years, my 8 and 4 year old daughters, and a sweet old blind pug we call Boopers. I’m a social worker turned SAHM and love Dr. Pepper, thunderstorms, and talking to other adults. I hate coffee, diet culture, and washing dishes. I'll talk your ear off about the best local parks and which restaurants have wronged me by changing their long-standing menu items. I try to walk the line between knowing a lot of stuff and not being a know-it-all. Some days I'm better than others.
Hidden Gems at Deanna's Rose Farmstead

Hidden Gems at Deanna Rose Farmstead

If you're a regular at Deanna Rose Farmstead like we are, you probably know all about the long list of fun things you can do there with your kids: bottle feed baby goats, go...

5 Parenting Books You Probably Haven’t Read

You've probably heard of and/or read many of the top parenting books out there: Happiest Baby on the Block (pro tip: watch the DVD instead, it saves so much time!), Baby 411, 1-2-3 Magic, Parenting...

Beating the Winter Blues

After the hustle and bustle and bright lights of the holiday season come the grey days. While the 31 days in January and the 28/29 days of February may not seem like a long time,...

Valentine’s Day Party for Preschoolers

I've always loved planning and hosting parties, and themed parties bring an extra level of enjoyment. Last year I hosted a Valentine's Day party for the 2 and 3 year olds in one of...
Building Your Village

Building Your Village: Finding a Moms Group in Kansas City

Motherhood can be isolating at times. The first few months of my daughter's life were a blur for me. Sleepless nights, breastfeeding woes, challenges in my marriage as we grew into our new roles as...
Three Easy Ornaments to Make with Your Preschooler

3 Easy Ornaments to Make With Your Preschooler

My daughter is really into creating things right now (especially if there are scissors, paint and glue involved). I wanted to let her help me make some fun new ornaments for the tree this...
Gifts for Kids with Too Many Toys

Gifts For Kids With Too Many Toys

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and if you are anything like me, you're probably already drowning in toys and groaning at the thought of bringing more into your home. So here are some...

Urban Air, More than a Trampoline Park

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Urban Air. However, all opinions are those of the contributor who wrote them. If you are like me and enjoy checking out new kid friendly play spaces in Kansas...

Making Peace With My Anxiety Disorder

For my entire life I've dealt with an extra dose of worry, fear, and social anxiety. It would flare up from time to time when I was a child and a teen but it...

Resource Guide for Formula Feeding Moms

Formula feeding is a topic near and dear to my heart, one that I'm passionate about speaking up about after my own experience as a new mom. My daughter was born a month early...

Coloring: It’s Not Just for Kids!

Last spring, I picked up a new hobby: coloring. And no, it didn't involve stealing my daughter's coloring books! I ordered several coloring books geared toward adults and some fancy art pencils on Amazon and started...

Consignment Sales: Tips for Consignors and Volunteers

My favorite season is just around the corner, what I like to call "CONSIGNMENT SALE SEASON!" (All caps necessary.) Luckily for me, it comes twice a year in Kansas City! The fall sales run from...
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