Julie Breithaupt

Julie Breithaupt
Hey! My name is Julie and I use too many exclamation points! My husband Grady and I are attempting to raise two wild women, Mia and Reese. We live in Shawnee where our faux bulldog Marge rules the roost. My hobbies include driveway drinking, going to parks and desperately trying to have date nights. My likes include the Jayhawks, coffee, craft beer and ChapStick. My dislikes include samesiders (people who sit on the same side of the booth when no one is on the other side), jerks and grocery shopping.
rude behavior on the internet

How Rude!

I am clearly channeling Stephanie Tanner from Full House while writing this blog. But seriously, when did everyone start feeling like it is perfectly acceptable to be so freaking rude? Admittedly, the nature of my...
need help

Help, Please!

I pride myself on being relatively self-sufficient. I lived on my own for a long time until I got married, so I learned how to manage finances, keep my pets alive and get my...

Bidding a Fond Farewell to my 30s

I recently turned 40 and, as birthdays often do, it made me to stop for a few minutes and take stock of where I am in my life. I have never been one to...

The Importance of Showing Up

My daughter recently had her Kindergarten class Valentine’s party and, quite honestly, I didn’t really want to go. I had a lot of work to do and attending required me to leave my job...

See Ya Later, Crib

I am notoriously bad at goodbyes. I often opt for the safer “See ya later…” when faced with a potentially sad situation. One recent farewell caught me off guard because of how unexpectedly hard...

Plan a Staycation in Kansas City

It’s officially cold outside, which means some of you might be getting cabin fever. Let’s be honest. We all love our families dearly, but sometimes we can all start to drive each other crazy...

Navigating Death When Kids are Old Enough to Understand

Dealing with death is never easy, no matter whether you’re a full-fledged adult, as most of us claim to be, or a kid. I just recently had to navigate the uncertain path of how...

Why I’m Halting High Hopes for Halloween

All of you moms who somehow have kids who will go along with your grand plans to have them dressed in the best Halloween costumes ever, this is not the blog for you. I know...

My Daughters Have Skinned Knees, and I’m Still a Good Mom

As my two daughters get older, I am witnessing more helicopter parenting on several different levels. I am not going to lie and say I have never hovered a little too close or cut...
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How to Survive an 11-Hour Road Trip

As many people do during the summer, my husband and I decided to take a good, old-fashioned family vacation. We have two daughters, ages five and two, so it’s safe to say we were...
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The Guilt

It’s not fair. I’m embarrassed to admit how often that thought runs through my head and it has nothing to do with me repeating my kids. It has to do with my husband. Whether...

Put the Dang Swimsuit On

There is no time like swimsuit season to hand you a swift dose of reality when it comes to self confidence. It’s enough to send moms like me racing to a panicked web search...

No Time to Mow? There’s an App for That!

I don’t know about you, but I do not have a green thumb. I kill houseplants. If it were possible to kill fake flowers, I would manage to find a way. Gardening and yard...

Clearing the Clutter

My neighbor is a miracle worker. Like a legit miracle worker. Let me explain. Whenever I go into her house, which is a lot, it always looks so nice and it makes me feel...

A Movie Theater Just for Kids

Going to the movies with your kids can be tricky. You are never quite sure if they’ll sit through the whole thing, if they’ll get antsy or if they’ll just generally be annoying to...