Katie is a SAHM mom of three, a bad driver of a heavily dented minivan, a KC native, and an owner of a messy house in Overland Park (and not in a cute “Look at my kids playing in unfolded laundry!” way, but more in a “Don’t stick your hands under the couch until we’ve investigated that smell!” way). She loves long family road trips, dogs with people names, and using her rare kid-free time to go to concerts and movies. She hates speaking in third person and people with dog names. She is most proud of her children when they sing David Bowie songs in public and express independence in ways that cause strangers concern.
pic of mother and daughter in quarantine

My Family Was Hit by COVID-19: Here’s What You Should Know

I agonized for weeks over the decision to send my kids back to school. Like most parents, I was afraid of what it could mean. Would they be safe? Would our family be safe?...
pic of cupcakes with birthday candles

I Went to a Party…in a Pandemic

Who goes to a birthday party in the middle of a PANDEMIC? Who would be so careless as to risk the health of her family and her community just to attend a party? Who,...
pic of girl being excluded from other girls

Anxiety: About Those Years I Didn’t Speak

The behavior charts for my oldest child in kindergarten weren’t great. Her offenses ranged from concerning (biting a classmate the first week of school) to keepsake-worthy (see below). But far and away, her most...
pic of photos

How I Will Remember Quarantine

The phrase “the new normal” is one of many newly ubiquitous expressions that has grated on me. I know that we have all had to adapt to a new way of living during the...

Kindergarten is Better with Two

When people find out that I have twins, they usually react in one of two ways: with a groan and a “better you than me!” or with a smile and an “I always wanted...

What I Learned From the Summer of 2019

It’s starting to feel like fall and I absolutely welcome the coming of my favorite season. But also, for probably the first time since I was a kid dreading my return to school, I...

What Type of Playground Mom Are YOU?

With eight years of playground experience under my belt, I consider myself to be a veteran playground mom. I’m no longer that fresh-faced rookie parent who walked into a park with my baby and...

Adventures with Clifford the Big Red Dog™ Kicks Off Summer Fun at Crown Center!

Looking for something to do with the kids this summer? Crown Center is the place to go! Their fun and FREE rotating exhibit space has just transformed into Birdwell Island, better known as home...
Picture of Kansas City

What We Want Out-of-Town Relatives to Know About Kansas City

My husband spent the first 22 years of his life in Pennsylvania, but now he’s one of us. He learned how to navigate the city I grew up in better than me (admittedly not...

Play, Learn, Create, and Explore at YMCA Summer Day Camp

If you’re looking for the perfect summer camp for your kids, offering a multi-faceted variety of activities to keep them busy, engaged, and having fun, look no further! The YMCA gave us a chance...
mom taking phone away from kid

In Defense of Instagram Shaming Our Children

I took a picture of my four-year-old throwing a major tantrum recently. We were in a donut shop with her big sister while her brother and dad were getting haircuts. I thought we’d have...

The Life-Changing Magic of Accepting the Mess

Do you have access to a Netflix account? Then you have definitely watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. If only for a little bit, out of curiosity for why your friends have been trying...

5 Perfect Gifts for Your Worst Enemy

Has someone wronged you this year? Is there a friend or family member upon whom you seek vengeance? Is there anyone whose life you’d just like to make a living nightmare? Well have I got...

Celebrate Fall at Worlds of Fun

Fall has finally arrived and it’s the perfect time to head outside and enjoy the season! One of our favorite places to do just that: Worlds of Fun! Not only does Worlds of Fun offer...

Sorry About That Last Name, Kids!

Alright kids, now that you’ve perfected spelling your first names with most of the letters facing the right direction, I’ve got some bad news. You know that funny name that I recorded each of...
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