Kelsey Pomeroy

Kelsey was born and raised in Branson, Mo. It was there, in the town that boasts the “World’s Largest Banjo” that she met her husband, Samuel. It was his first day at a new high school and she was the only person to say “Hi” to him that day, so he married her! A decade later and now they take up residence in KC-adjacent-Suburbia, but tell out-of-state people they are from “Kansas City” because it is way easier. Kelsey taught high school English for 6 years, but now she stays home to hang out with her adorable toddler, Theodore. Her passions include traveling (34 countries and counting!), playing board games, writing murder mystery parties, reading, and talking to as many people as possible.
kid free travel

How We Prepared to Leave Our Kid for a Week

My husband and I recently went on a dreamy week-long trip to Hawaii, and we left our son behind at home. It was glorious. I am a firm believer in the healing power of...
book with headphones

Best Audiobooks for Moms

This is post is sponsored by Johnson County Library. Motherhood has taken over my hands. My old pals Lefty and Righty? Yeah their dance card is fully booked for the foreseeable future. At any given...
New Baby Splurges

10 Baby Item Splurges for the Second Time Around

My second baby boy is due almost three years after my firstborn son. In those three years, not a lot has changed in the baby world. I still have all of my old baby...

How to Choose a Safe Vacation Rental

I left hotels behind years ago, and since then, I’ve stayed in castles, houseboats, and ancient guard towers. I’ve stayed at dude ranches, on top of mountains, on private beaches, and in the shadow...
picnic basket in the grass

29 Picturesque Picnic Spots in Kansas City

When my son was born, my husband and I made a pact that we would take him to restaurants frequently so that we could train him to be a well-behaved restaurant kid. You know,...
child playing with clay

KC Businesses Offer Play, Art, Music, Theater, and Cooking Fun

KC businesses are continuing to offer distanced and online art and play options as well as in-person activities that comply with social-distancing guidelines. Add something new to your at-home routine (or lack of routine...)...

5 Free Printable and Digital Activities to Make St. Patrick’s Day Magical

One of my favorite childhood memories is waking up on St. Patrick’s Day to find that while we were sleeping, Lucky the Leprechaun wreaked havoc on our home. I’m talking half eaten cookies, upside...
pic of book with earphones attached

How Audiobooks Saved My Sanity and 40 Listens to Save Yours!

My first year teaching, I found myself losing my mind. Not only was I cracking under the uncertainty, workload, and pressures of being a new teacher, but I had two hours of commute time...
boy in winter layers outside in the snow

How to Dress Your Family for the Winter Cold

Pandemic winter is here. 5 p.m. feels like midnight, and 50 degree days are now considered warm. In KC, we've just had our first big snow of 2021 — although our first snow of the...
pic of preprepared meals

15 Meal Train Recipes that Aren’t Casseroles, Pasta Bakes, or Soups

I take my job as meal train conductor very seriously. But despite my vigilant efforts, my friend and her new baby ended up in a bit of a saucy situation. Without any regard to what...

My 4-Step Plan for My Son to LOVE Reading

I am already terrified that as my toddler son grows, each new year will bring him closer to the day he no longer loves to read. This fear is a result of my profession. Before...

Entertaining Your Toddler on a Road Trip

Pre-COVID, we were “plane people.” We didn’t mind a long drive, but with a young child, it was easier to shorten the travel time and fly. Now, in COVID times, we are “do whatever...
Day Trips From Kansas City

COVID-Conscious Day Trips from Kansas City

Who is up for a day trip? In these times? Okay I understand your hesitancy, but what if I told you, you could take your family on a road-trip that was Covid-conscious, family friendly,...
Seven Continents: Seven Moms

Moms Experience COVID-19 Around the World

From Antarctica’s sea of ice, to Singapore’s monkey-strewn coconut trees,  mothers from each of Mother Earth’s seven continents, share their coronavirus stories.  This phenomenal group of women were all asked the same questions (by me,...
mom and kid working at home

10 Tips for Working at Home with a Toddler

We have found ourselves in a situation that none (okay, most) of us never could have imagined. We are canceling cruises, road trips, and Disney on Ice tickets. The whole world is canceling parades,...
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