Kim Manford

Kim has been married to her husband, Jeff for 26 years and they have two grown children. Jacob (their Christmas day baby) is 23 and their daughter Shelby is 20. Kim was born and raised in the NW suburbs of Chicago where she developed her love for Lake Michigan and all things 80's. Kim has her degrees in El. Ed. and E.C. Special Education from KU (Rock Chalk) and for the past 24 years, she has served as a Preschool Director in the K.C area. With grown children, Kim's mom gig has changed a bit. Less laundry and fewer carpools, but more impromptu shopping trips and travel. "Kids sure grow up fast, but the journey only gets sweeter. I still love being called, mom".
pumpkin and coffee

Practicing Thankfulness: It’s not just for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving upon us, it seems like the perfect opportunity to place some well- deserved focus on practicing thankfulness and cultivating an attitude of gratitude. For us, as moms, this practice has probably taken a...

I Still Love Being Called “Mom”

These two call me mom, and it’s my favorite name. Jeter, our 80-pound yellow lab, well, he doesn’t listen when you call him, and he likes to sleep all day. Being an empty nester and...
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The Best is Yet to Come: The Benefits of Growing Older

When I was 15, the Chicago Bears went to the Super Bowl. The year was 1986 and my parents had some friends over for a party to cheer the Bears on to victory. All...
new year

Happy New Year!

Goodbye, summer and hello, fall! Although temps are still summery in KC, the crunching of the acorns on my walks and the sounds of the local high school marching band practicing in the distance...

122 Miles From Home: Sending a Child off to College

Over the past 20 years, we have conquered the terrible twos, potty training, stitches, the driver’s permit and the break-ups. Surely we were ready to send her off to college? It was the day that...