Kristin R.

Kristin R.
Kristin is a Lee’s Summit suburb transplant, after living in the Brookside and Plaza areas for over eight years. Raising three young boys with her husband, Jake, has helped her to embrace the messy, wild side of life where love is expressed in bear hugs and body slams. Professionally, she can be found teaching classes as an adjunct professor in the areas of Business, Marketing and PR. She is able to provide her students with applicable, real-life knowledge as she draws from several years working in the corporate sector. “Free time” (ha!, what's that again?) is spent on an occasional date night to favorite local restaurants, reading blogs on everything from home design to politics, riding her sweet beach cruiser bike and thinking of ways to convince her husband to do yet another home improvement project.
woman holding coffee

The Early Mornings are My Version of Self-Care

Self Care. The buzzword heard everywhere from mommy bloggers to doctors, talk show hosts to girlfriends. It is especially popular at the start of a new year with resolutions aplenty meant to bring us...
Crown Center Ice Terrace

A Mom’s Guide to Visiting Crown Center’s Ice Terrace

Kansas City is rich in family-friendly attractions, and Crown Center’s Ice Terrace is no exception! A Christmastime tradition for many families, the skating rink is in the heart of the city, and draws locals...
child and parent talking

How to Get Kids to Open Up About Their School Day

Ask my seven-year-old son about the latest Dog Man book he’s reading and he will list every semi-inappropriate joke the series has to offer. Inquire about the most recent episode of Transformers Rescue Bots...
shopping bags

Why Are We Still Trying to Keep Up with the Joneses?

The American culture is one in which we are always trying to give the next generation of children a better and more magical life than the generation before experienced. The sentiment is actually quite...

Parents-Only Getaway

A parents-only getaway is a true luxury. My husband and I have been married for ten years, and as of last month had never been able to get away for more than one night...

10 Pieces of Advice 20-Year-Olds Need to Hear from a Mom in Her Late...

Your twenties: the decade of selfishness and self-discovery. It feels very long ago and just yesterday in the same breath. I still vividly remember every corner of my very first "grown-up" apartment, and I...

Hey Employers, Hire More Moms

Over a glass of wine, a few weeks back, a neighborhood friend and I had a conversation about school starting and the ever-evolving chaos that accompanies children. What started as pleasant and funny chitchat,...

Are We Ruining Youth Sports?

Are we ruining youth sports? Let’s just cut to the chase: the answer to this question is yes! I played sports for most of my youth and into college. I fully understand the positive implications...
pregnant at beach

Being Pregnant in the Summer is the Worst

Pregnancy is magical. Growing and sustaining life is truly a gift … unless the third trimester takes place in the throes of summer. Then, pregnancy feels like becoming hostage to suffocating ruched t-shirts and...
mothers day designed by mom

Mother’s Day, As Designed by a Mom

Partners, husbands, significant others: listen up, here’s your PSA regarding Mother’s Day gift giving.  You might be asking yourself what you could possibly do to honor the woman who has continued on the circle of...
kids playing rough

Why We Let Our Kids Play Rough and Take Risks

I’m not a cool mom by really any standards. I’m a regular mom, plain as they come. I hover and helicopter far more than I should in most aspects of my kids’ lives. I rarely...

Guide to Science City: A Must See for Kansas City Kids

Located in the heart of our hometown, under the lights of our beloved cityscape, Science City provides a tremendous resource for local children. Built to challenge the largest of imaginations, the attraction is equipped...
group of moms

It Is OK To Not Be In The ‘Cool Mom Club’

Sometimes walking in the art lined halls of a children’s school brings back the nostalgia of our own youth. Memories of friendships, young love, learning and new adventures remind us our childhood feels so...

There’s Nothing Like a Snow Day

There’s nothing like a snow day. The snuggles. Nestling up to a warm fire. Spending all day in pajamas. Sipping hot cocoa and watching movies. Making snow angels and eating snow ice cream. Soup...
red holly berries

This Holiday Season We Need Kindness More Than Ever

As a self-proclaimed holiday junkie, I revel in the beauty of the Christmas season. Fond childhood memories have fueled my desire to carry on the same kind of fairy-tale for my kids. From cookie...