LaToi-ya Camareno

Hi! I'm LaToi-ya, born and raised in Leavenworth KS. Married since 2008 my husband Tony and I are raising three great kids. Branden 16, Knyla'lee 9, and Alaiyah 5. We spent our first years together in Norfolk VA, where my husband was stationed while serving in the Navy. In 2015 we found our way back home to KC buying our first home in the Northland. I have studied photography earning certificates from New York Institute of Photography while honing that craft. I enjoy watching my children figure out life through all their stages. A few of my hobbies are crafting, gardening, music, drinking good coffee and making food from every culture. When I'm not trying to organize our house of five, you can find me being creative or at the gym working off all the good food I love to eat!

Why I Love the Freedom of a Menstrual Cup

Let me tell you about the wonderful tool I use about one week out of every month — a menstrual cup! I have never felt freer. For some, this topic may be taboo or TMI,...
woman tending to her leafy houseplant

Not Just a Trend, Indoor Plants Can Mend

Mend your health that is. With the pandemic, it seems like houseplants have moved their way back to being a home decor trend. You all know I love all things plenty and outdoors, so...
woman with eyes closed, thinking

Intentional and Mindful Living for the New Year

Let's talk about how we can be intentional and mindful in the new year. Are you bogged down with everyday life? If yes, then this is for you. Are you going from one thing...
pic of military boots

Military Families in the Civilian Community

Hey, guys... Hello? We're here. Right next door. We are your neighbors! You see us every day, and—guess what—you even talk to us casually at the grocery store. Want to know something... we want to...
9 yr old Labeling garden vegetables.

In The Garden

It's that time of the year when our family spends a lot of time out in our backyard garden. This has been a very important life skill we have been determined to keep in...
coffee cup

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

I've been a little overwhelmed, and it's okay. With all that is going on, not being okay is just fine. Recently, I have been helping my mom after having her foot surgery, making sure to...
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