At the risk of sounding like a cheesy (yet amazing) song from the 80s, Lindsay is just a small town girl living in a lonely world, except her world is not the least bit lonely. She and her city boy, Daniel, live in Fairway, KS and have 2 little girls, Stella and Scarlett plus a sweet but stinky English bulldog named Diesel. Lindsay works for Hallmark Cards, not as a card designer or illustrator but as something even cooler – a senior financial analyst. Yes, that’s right. Budgets, forecasting and Excel spreadsheets are her love language. When she is not harshing the creative vibes at work with Finance talk, Lindsay loves chilling at home with her fam, laughing, reading, eating sweets and trying to post creative stuff on social media with the hopes of being discovered, by who, she doesn’t really know or care. Don’t stop believing, Linds.

No Tricks Here! Easy Halloween Craft and Gift Ideas

As a follow-up to my post on fun fall foods (read it here), I am back to share a couple of fun fall crafts you can knock out just in time for Halloween. I...
fall recipes

New Season, New Recipes – Fun Foods of Fall!

Hey-o! It’s officially fall. Can I get an amen?  Food and fall rank pretty high on my list of favorites, so I am here today to share a few of my fav fall-inspired recipes. Now,...
Oak Park Mall

Thinking INSIDE the Box: Family Fun and Fashion at Oak Park Mall

It’s hard to argue the convenience of online shopping, especially with free returns here and next-day shipping there but I have recently come to realize that there is a lot of great stuff you...
I'm a Grandparents' Girl

I’m a Grandparents’ Girl: Building the Bond Between Generations

A Grandparents' Girl Is there such a thing as a Grandparents’ Girl? Ya know, like the whole Daddy’s Girl or Mama’s Boy thing? If not, I am here to declare there should be and that...

Beyond Money: Budgeting Your Emotional Energy

You know the saying “too much month at the end of the money”? I believe this applies to more than just my bank account.  With everything that life demands from me as a mom,...