Lindsey Hoover

Hi! My name is Lindsey. I grew up in Lawrence and graduated from the University of Kansas. I live in Eudora with my son Colby (11), daughter Payton (13), and my husband Jason (who is just old). I'm an editor for a scientific journal by day. In my free time, I contemplate what it means to be 42 years old and wonder if it means I need to stop wearing rubber flip-flops. I also love taking long baths, watching trashy Netflix shows, and I am passionate about working to improve my community.
kids playing soccer

The Value of Competition in Youth Sports

Before starting a family, my spouse and I talked about religion, schooling, and our political beliefs. However, we didn’t talk about something that would prove to be a huge problem in our relationship: youth...

Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

One thing I have not missed during the COVID-19 pandemic is having to manage my wardrobe choices for work and play. Now that life is starting to get back to normal, I found myself...
An RV by a scenic spot

Road Trippin’ in an RV

After more than a year of no travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided that it was time for my family to bust out of Kansas for a real vacation. I had a...

Birth Story: I Couldn’t Even Smile

This birth story series is sponsored by HCA Midwest Health.  I was ready. The nursery was decorated, the car seat was installed, and my research was complete. But then I got Bell’s Palsy during my...

The Summer Camp That Changed My (Daughter’s) Life

This post is sponsored by Camp Birchwood, a summer camp in Minnesota for girls. Did anyone else have a nemesis when they were growing up? I did, we’ll call her Sally. Sally bested me in...
cut out paper figures in different skin tones

What the Last Year Taught Me About Racism

I don’t say the “n-word.” I have never intentionally discriminated against someone based on their race. I have “Black friends.” I dated outside of my race before I met my husband, and I’ve proudly...
son kissing mom's cheek

How I Love on My Growing Son

A mom once told me that it was time for her to stop hugging her son because it meant that her breasts were coming into contact with him. Our sons were 8 years old...
child sleeping in bed

Bedtime is the Tenth Circle of Hell

In a previous post, I mentioned that my 10-year-old son was sleeping on the floor of my bedroom. That was not the subject of the post, but I received many comments, texts, and DMs...

Best Kansas City Ice Skating and Winter Sports Spots

I don’t know about you, but this long winter of social distancing and also staying inside has been somewhat challenging. So, enter the winter that I finally take my kids to do all the...
pic of woman with aging mother looking at tablet

The Parent Trap: Aging Parents

We’ve known it was coming for a long time, right? I should have been prepared. But truthfully, nothing would prepare me to accept that my parents are aging. Don’t get me wrong, they would...
pic of woman opening package

Subscription Services that Saved My Life

A very successful friend once told me that if I wasn’t an expert at something, the key to succeeding was to contract it out. This was a concept I’d used in my work life,...
pic of woman's silhouette at sunset

Lowering Your Happiness Bar

I have found myself saying too many times this year, “I just want to be happy." We are in the middle of a pandemic, these are uncertain times, and now we have to deal...
pic of mother and daughter

I Admit It, I Want to Be My Daughter

My friends warned me. My mom said it would happen. I've even read about it for years. My daughter is growing up, and she doesn't want to spend time with me like she used...
holding mug

Keeping Your Composure During Chaos

Many of us start out each year by making resolutions, defining our “why,” and setting goals. My word of the year for 2020 was “calm.” Little did I know when I chose that word...
woman holding book

8 Books to Keep Your Adult Self Sane During Stay-Put Orders

I am a lifelong lover of all types of books. Still, it hasn’t always been easy to fit reading into my day or night, especially after I became a mom. I’ve learned some strategies...
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