Hi, I’m Lizzie and you could say…I’m a little wild at heart. I’ve tried on a lot of different jobs, a lot of different towns-but now I’m home. I absolutely love KC. I have my own business, Lizzie Scribbles LLC, where I offer a complete range of writing, editing, and virtual assistance services. My partner, Greg, and I live in Independence with our 3 children – Grayson (11), Kase (10) and Adria (9). We love music, hiking, cooking, and family date nights.
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Relationships: Good at Fighting

I don’t want to brag, but I’m a pretty epic fighter. Master manipulator. Stoic stonewaller. Jedi justifier. Couples having a hard time in quarantine? Not me and my man, I’m just too good at...
Child looking sad by rainy window

Dealing with Disappointment: When FOMO is a Necessity

My dad had a lot of dad-isms. A lot of stories to impart wisdom. One that sticks out today is the Mickey Mouse Club. I don’t remember if I was upset about a certain...
computer with "do more" on screen

Tips for Being an Effective Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM)

My toes were so cold I couldn’t feel them, and my fuzzy socks were doing no good whatsoever. I looked at the slide deck I was making for a client on my laptop, and...
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Family Date Ideas in Kansas City

What do you love more? Family dates? Or dates with your partner or best friend? For me, it is nearly impossible to pick, because I look forward to family dates so much. You might be...
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How Much Truth Can Your Child Handle?

My daughter doesn’t want to have kids because she doesn’t want to eat a baby and poop it out her butt. The stressed-out look on her face inferred her mind had been troubled with...
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Shatter the Cycle of Working Mom Guilt

I never really considered my mom not being there. I don’t think school parties were a thing like they are today. Sure, we had them, but parents didn’t really attend. And when she was...
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I Wanna be Where the People Aren’t

The holidays are upon us. It’s a beautiful time of crisp air, twinkling lights, cozy smells, children’s excitement … and PEOPLE. The city is full of captivating displays and experiences, and it’s also full...

Me and Crocodile Dundee: A Tale of Breastfeeding Woes

She was a planned C-Section after some complications during my son’s birth just 16 months earlier. It certainly went much better that way, and it appeared I was on the road to recovery after...

The Dolly Parton’s Stampede Family Fun-Filled Experience

“Mom? Am I allowed to do this?!” My son grinned from ear-to-ear as he tore into his own tender, whole rotisserie chicken. I had experienced Dolly Parton’s Stampede pre-children during my college years. It was...
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All Inclusive? It’s All Good

I sat on my bed for the usual nightly routine of reading books. I used to read to the kids and now they read to me. I still help my daughter along as she’s...

Competition Kills Connection

I could finally exhale last week with a first glimpse of the female power group, The Highwomen, comprised of Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris and Amanda Shires. I had the insane experience of...
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