Lori grew up in Olathe and graduated from Kansas State University. Sick of cold weather, she left Kansas and headed to Phoenix. Turns out the heat can be just of hard to take as the cold, so she and her husband, Bill, moved back to Kansas so they could be close to both of their families. Lori is mom to a tween (Aubree who is 11) and a teen (Hana who is 15). Despite the challenges of raising two strong-willed girls who have way too many extracurricular activities, Lori loves having daughters who binge watch Charmed and Gilmore Girls with her while making clay dragons. She is passionate about photography, traveling, exploring around Kansas City and dragons.

My Sacred TV Time with My Girls

After years of watching Disney cartoons, My Little Pony, and countless other kiddie TV shows and movies, I am thrilled to report that my kids' taste in TV shows and movies has finally progressed...

Knowing Your Preferred DISC Style Can Make Your Parenting Job Easier

I have a lot of ideas, and I love to share those ideas. I tend to be energetic and full of stories. I also love exclamation points!!!! Early in my career, I assumed that...

Keeping the Halloween Spirit Alive with Older Kids

I love Halloween. My kids and I can’t wait to cart the boxes of decorations out of storage and begin transforming our house. But, keeping the Halloween Spirit alive, pun intended, has gotten trickier...

Encouraging Connections between Teens and Grandparents

We are blessed to have grandparents that live nearby. We moved back to Kansas City so that our kids could grow up close to their grandparents. It is such a treat to be able...
teen driving

Watching My Teen Take the Wheel

This past year my teenage daughter has gone from passenger to driver. Last week, she received her restricted driver’s license, which means she can drive to work and school on her own. As I...
mother and daughter

The Magical Power of Stories and Why You Should Make Time to be a...

Last year, I received one of those dreaded calls that quite literally changed my world.  My mom was in the ER because she had suffered a stroke that left her mostly paralyzed and unable...

Farewell Elementary School, Hello Middle School

I signed my last elementary school field trip permission slip this week. It was one of those “How does time go by so quickly!” moments. As my youngest daughter wraps up her elementary school...
woman writing in journal

Getting Reacquainted with My Pre-Mom Self

Last year I was visiting my mom, and she asked me what I had been up to. I immediately launched into a description of the latest gymnastics skill Aubree had learned and Hana’s upcoming...
digitally connected

Managing Your Digitally Connected Kid

It is almost a guarantee that someday your kid will get a device that will allow them to email, text, use apps and maybe even make actual phone calls. (Although, if the device can...

Soccer, Baseball and Dance Aren’t the Only Sports for Kids

When I first signed my daughters up for sports, I went the traditional route of dance and gymnastics. My friends opted for soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball with their kids. Kansas City has so many...