Mackenzie Oakley

Hi! I’m Mackenzie, wife to Justin and mama to three beautiful babes. I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD and headed south for college in Lincoln, NE where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from UNL. I met my husband while I was visiting family in Kansas City in August 2007 and we've been together ever since. After graduating college in 2008, I landed my first job in Kansas City, Justin and I bought a house in Olathe, got married and started our little family. We’ve called the KC-area home for almost 10 years now! I work full-time for a small marketing firm and spend what little free time I have loving on my kids, attempting a little DIY here and blogging over at Baby By Oakley.
mom playing with little girl on floor

8 Things I Don’t Do Since Becoming a Mom (and 1 Thing I Do…)

It goes without saying that having a baby changes your life. Sure, you can say things won't be different - that you'll still get together with friends, go out to dinner and see a...
Why I Can't Lean Out

Why I Can’t Lean Out

Lean out? I'd do it in a heartbeat.  No, seriously. I'd say goodbye to co-workers, adult conversations in the break room, projects and emails and a steady paycheck if it meant I could be a stay-at-home...

Basic Invite: Invitations for Every Occasion

From wedding showers to baby showers, birth announcements to birthday parties, there seems to be a life event happening every other month in my busy world. Dates need to be secured, menus need to be...

The Best Kind of Crazy

Three Year Old: "STOP sharing your snack with me!" One Year Old: *continues sharing* Three Year Old: "MOOOOOOOOM! Leighton is SHARING WITH ME!" Me: *blank stares* Three Year Old: "This is NOT the time for sharing!" *loud, ear-piercing...
When Grandparents Die

When Grandparents Die

Death is often times an uncomfortable subject, one that a lot of people don't like to talk about. It's inevitable - all living things die - but it doesn't make it any easier to...

How Mommy Got Her Groove Back

It was a cold Sunday afternoon in January. Yes, a Sunday afternoon. I didn't need a wild Friday night or a Saturday spent gallivanting around town. No, a Sunday would work just fine, thank...
Creating Family Traditions During the Holidays

Continuing and Creating Holiday Traditions

I'm weirdly excited for the holiday season this year. My daughter is old enough to grasp the concept of Christmas and spending time together as a family. It still might be a little early...
Holiday Sanity: Celebrating Without Losing Your Mind

Dividing Time Between Families During the Holidays

My husband and I both come from large extended families. He has several siblings, nieces and nephews. I have two brothers and a plethora of cousins with whom I'm very close. Our families live...

I Took a Shower…

I almost lost it tonight. Between the constant whining, bad nonexistent listening habits and stepping on the same damn kernel of corn on the kitchen floor for the umpteenth time (I had swept the floor...

Diary of a #girlmom

November 2014 We are getting ready to welcome our second daughter. Two girls. Sisters. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd have one girl, let alone two daughters to raise and hope they become...
2015-16 Guide to KC Family Photographers

Guide to Kansas City Photographers

Kansas City Moms Blog is a collaborative online community including everything from parenting solutions, personal essays from local moms, regional business spotlights, and more. We frequently receive inquiries regarding family service providers, especially questions...
How to Find a Babysitter and date your husband in 21 Easy Steps!

How to Find a Babysitter and Date Your Husband in 21 Easy Steps!

My husband and I are both Kansas City transplants. We have a very small circle of friends and even fewer family members in the area who we can rely on to babysit our offspring...

Baby’s First Year According to Wonder Weeks

Breastfeeding, potty training, discipline tactics, motherhood in general. There's an app for that. Apps that keep track of feedings and messy diapers and milestones. Apps that can be very helpful in the midst of...
How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father: A Love Story with Life Lessons

Dear Girls, I'm writing today to tell you the story about how I met your father. It's not some fairytale romance so don't worry - I won't embarrass you with mushy details about it being love at...
The Way Moms Work

The Way Moms Work: While Working at Home

To celebrate the different expressions of how moms work, the KCMB series “The Way Moms Work” follows the many ways we work in a single day. We hope this series will champion all of the work moms...
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