Mallory Shannon is a birth and postpartum doula in the Kansas City Metro area, wife and mother of two. She had every intent to leave until she and her husband moved their family downtown and fell in love with the city and the culture. Self-professed coffee addict and foodie, she enjoys all that the Kansas City food and coffee scene has to offer. When she isn't chasing down her one- and three-year-old, you'll find her hitting the Farmer's market, teaching and providing Kansas City's family centered birth and postpartum doula care. You can follow Northland Doula at www.northlanddoula.com, www.facebook.com/northlanddoula or on Instagram @northlanddoula.

When I Thought You Were Gone

"I got the email. Your results came back negative." That's the text I got when I thought you were gone. I had been so sure. I had been positive I was pregnant. I had every cornerstone...

Postpartum: When It’s Too Much

One of the most searched terms on Google relating to the postpartum period is "Postpartum Depression." Taking the time to understand this condition can help you encourage yourself or your friends to get help instead of suffering. What...
Treat Yo'self: Cool Treats for the Heat of Summer in Kansas City

Treat Yo’Self! Cool Treats for a KC Summer

When the sun beats down and walking to the car requires a shower you know you’ve made it. It’s summer in Kansas City. Every year around this time, I start longing for the cool...
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