Marsha Roth

“I’m Marsha, the devoted wife of a Nebraska Husker fan, mother to a sweet laid back 11-year-old boy named Kellen and a 9-year-old spunky know-it-all named Rowen. I am a Kansas City native, proud Northwest Bearcat Alumni, and enthusiastic 4th grade teacher! I enjoy stolen moments where I can read in peace, indulging in chocolate chip cookies whenever possible, tending to my vegetable garden and finding new ways to annoy my daughter! My goal in life is to be my authentic self, follow the motto of ‘She did what she could,’ and share that with other moms!”
mom at pool

My View from the Pool

As we plunge into summer weather, my recent view from the pool has made me very reflective. If you are reading this and you have met all of your summer fitness goals and fit...
grandma and little girl reading

Lessons from Grandma

Have you ever had a role model that you didn’t realize was your role model until later in life? Without even realizing it my grandma shaped me into the wife and mother I am...

My Kids Don’t Need a Lawn Mower!

Now that the weather is nicer and we are able to get out of the house and do things around the city I have come to the realization that while I myself am not...
youth sports

Youth Sports: Not FOR Me

You know the drill: dance on Monday, baseball and gymnastics on Tuesday, basketball on Wednesday, art club and choir on Thursday... and so on. Youth activities have completely turned families upside down. So many...

My Breakup with Makeup

We all remember our first makeup. The overly sticky sparkly plastic set of something or other as a kid. The first time we got a real makeover at the mall. When we learned to...

A Run with My Son

I thought I had nailed parenting. My son and I laughed and played together great. Then he began to grow up. Slowly I realized that my way of playing was too tame for...
first mammogram

My First Mammogram

Breast cancer. Two words that terrify me. How could two things on my body that provided health and nourishment to my babies potentially be my downfall? When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer...
love lists

Love is in the Lists

If you are anything like me, life begins to get in the way of all things important. You start to discover without even realizing it that you are neglecting important stuff just so you...

Stepping into His Domain

Over the last 13 years of marriage, domains began to form in our home. At some point without even knowing it, there were very clear cut lines for who took care of what. There...

The Un-holiday Holiday

Several Christmases ago as the wrapping paper was getting tossed away and the toys were being assembled, we realized that Jesus was not part of our Christmas morning celebration. At first we thought, “Well,...

Family Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Week

There is no place I’d rather be on Friday mornings than at the kitchen table with my family. We wake up extra early, we create a million extra dishes and the house smells like...

Mother’s Day Done Right!

Being a mother is the most wonderful, exhausting, underappreciated job. You are chef, maid, and doctor all rolled into one. Mom's are expected to be healer of all things and knower of all things...

Whatever Happened to Just Shopping?

As a parent in the age of deliverable groceries and Amazon Prime if I actually end up dragging myself into the store it’s for a purpose. At this point as a seasoned mom, I...

When Mama Needs a Nap

I consider myself to be a very on the go, busy person. I like to think of myself as a cruise director. We have two kids that are involved in multiple sports and after...

Why I Need Stay at Home Moms in my Village

This post may ruffle some feathers because there seems to be a huge line drawn in the sand between these two groups of moms. I have even at times found myself to be the...