Hi! I'm Megan, former teacher turned stay-at-home-but-never-home mom to Peyton, 7, and Gage, 4. I host the Kansas City MomCast podcast! I'm married to the most patient person on this earth, Chris, and we live in Overland Park with our kids, an insane lab, and two guinea pigs. You can find me over committing to everything, reading informational and self-help texts, listening to podcasts, organizing, spending time with friends over margaritas, thrifting, and staying up way too late to have peace and serenity. I love people and hearing their stories and look forward to connecting with KCMC readers!
Kansas City MomCast podcast

Introducing the Kansas City MomCast Podcast

Kansas City Mom Collective was born in 2012 with a simple goal — to bring Kansas City moms together in meaningful and lasting community. Over the past nine years, this has taken on a...

Learn Where Your Dairy Comes From at Deanna Rose

This post is sponsored by Midwest Dairy On a toasty evening in September, my family and I had the opportunity check out Night At The Moovies put on by Midwest Dairy at Deanna Rose...
thrift store

Best Thrift Stores in Kansas City

I am going to be blunt with you: if you are not thrifting in KC, you are missing out. You might as well be lighting money on fire. If you aren't a part of...
girl holding heart

Protecting My Daughter’s Right to Say No

My daughter is about to turn seven, and I've noticed a shift. I used to curate her social schedule — penciling in play dates, camps, and other things to fill that aspect of her...
Crown Center free exhibit, Under the Sea

Travel Under the Sea at Crown Center’s New FREE Exhibit

This post is sponsored by Crown Center, your headquarters for summer fun in Kansas City! Summer is here! As moms, we are constantly looking for activities to do with our kids where we can escape...
woman standing in the sunshine


Have you ever been on the outside of an inside joke? You sit there... wondering what in the world people are laughing at. It's like people are speaking a language foreign to you—guess you...

Under The Influence

According to a study by InfluencerDB in 2018, more than 500,000 active influencers are operating just on Instagram. That makes up 39% of all Instagram accounts with more than 15,000 followers. And among this group of active Instagram...
woman organizing clothes

Overcoming Decluttering Paralysis

Every year, I say I'm going to declutter my home. And guess what? (shocker) Every year, it doesn't happen. According to Psychology Today, clutter causes stress in part because of its excessive visual stimuli. It also signals to our...
pic of holiday gift bags

5 Quick Tips: Black Friday Shopping Made Easy

We may have missed out on some things in 2020, but finding great deals doesn't have to be on that list! This year, I am looking forward to snuggling up with my laptop and...
pic of woman holding box of toys

The Thrill of the Thrift: Tips From A Deal-Finding Junkie

You know how some topics in the world just light you up and make you feel alive? A subject you could give a TED Talk on because you feel so passionately? I have one...

The AR Workshop Lee’s Summit: Your Creative Oasis

This post is sponsored by AR Workshop in Lee's Summit. I recently had the pleasure of attending a private event at the AR Workshop in Lee's Summit with a small group of friends (a.k.a fellow...
pic of mom and toddler

Extended Breastfeeding: Nursing Past One

As mothers, it's a struggle to find an authentic balance between doing what feels right and doing what is expected or what society deems as "normal."  When I was pregnant with my first baby,...
pic of baby feet held in mother's hands

First-Time Mom Body Guard

When I was a first-time mom in 2014, I joined Baby Center — do you remember that app? I was asking strangers for their opinions on just about everything including our baby's future name,...
pic of puppy

A Pandemic Puppy

It's summertime during the pandemic, the equivalent to springtime on the farm. New puppies are everywhere. Families smiling, kids frolicking through the fields with their best friend on a sparkling new leash. Social media...
pic of dog

Rehoming Our Dog

Before I had kids, I was a "fur mama." Our dog, Scout, was the center of the universe. He slept on our bed, had a personalized toy box, and even had a first year...
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