pic of mom and toddler

Extended Breastfeeding: Nursing Past One

As mothers, it's a struggle to find an authentic balance between doing what feels right and doing what is expected or what society deems as "normal."  When I was pregnant with my first baby,...
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First-Time Mom Body Guard

When I was a first-time mom in 2014, I joined Baby Center — do you remember that app? I was asking strangers for their opinions on just about everything including our baby's future name,...
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A Pandemic Puppy

It's summertime during the pandemic, the equivalent to springtime on the farm. New puppies are everywhere. Families smiling, kids frolicking through the fields with their best friend on a sparkling new leash. Social media...
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Rehoming Our Dog

Before I had kids, I was a "fur mama." Our dog, Scout, was the center of the universe. He slept on our bed, had a personalized toy box, and even had a first year...

Science City: A Place for Early Learners

This post is sponsored by Science City at Union Station. Check out their new exhibits, designed for Kansas City's earliest learners in mind. Did you know there is a new early childhood learning space open...

Why Am I Posting This?

There are a million reasons why we post to social media. Sometimes it's to encourage others with a funny meme or quote, while other times it's to inform the public of an experience. If...

My View: Mask Maker, Mask Maker

I started my Etsy shop back in 2015 after my daughter was born and I was going broke on bows. Every time I received a handmade order, I thought to myself, "I could make...

My View: Clean Slate

When the stay at home order was put into place, like many, I was distressed over cancelled plans, school, and general logistics. It was mind boggling going from a jam-packed schedule to literally nothing....
mom and child at park

Talked Down To

Since having a second child, now 2.5 years ago, I often forget that I can take my son and do things with just him when big sister is at school.  So I did that....
child writing


I had a conversation with a mom I didn't know online yesterday. She had posted in a local group about how her daughter's Kindergarten teacher had called the night before to give her a...
two women talking

When You No Longer Have a “Job” to Talk About

Imagine sitting around the table at a restaurant with a group of either friends or family.  Everyone is discussing their lives- and by lives I mean work (because what you "do" carries so much...

I Went On A Trip And Didn’t Miss My Kids

It's 3:30 a.m., and I'm standing on my front porch watching for my getaway car. The tires roll up the driveway, and I hustle to the car with my luggage and no one else's....

I’m a (Grateful) Complainer

November is here--a time of gratefulness and giving thanks. Everywhere I go I see pumpkins, signs, and fall decor with "blessed," "thankful," "give thanks," and so on, beautifully written in cursive. It is a...

Halloween Costumes on the Thrift

Halloween season is almost here! Between the pounds of candy and elaborate costumes, this holiday can take a toll on your bank account. Don't let yourself be fooled into thinking you have to pay...
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Teacher Mom Fail

Running late as usual, I recently took my son to his Parents Day Out orientation. The director asked if I had a specific form ready and filled out.  Like a deer in headlights, I...