Rachel Sleeter

Approximately 1 day of her life, Rachel hiked on a glacier in Iceland. The other 99.9% of her days her hands are full doing creative strategy at Hallmark Cards, being a mom to Luna who is a five-year-old Queen of Sass, wife to Matt who is a funny Google-a-holic, and dog mom to Rosie, whose sweetness is matched only by her smelliness. Her favorite ways to avoid cleaning the house are leisurely strolls through Target (pre-pandemic) listening to mostly crime podcasts, spending a small fortune on curly hair products, crafting Barbie schools out of Amazon boxes, making complicated recipes with too many ingredients, playing 1 million games of Zingo, and enjoying her Westside downtown neighborhood with her family.
Year of Us jar materials

Make Your Own ‘Year of Us’ Jar

The other day, I convinced my husband to take the 5 Love Languages quiz with me. I realized we’ve been married for 7 years and dated for 3 years before that, but we never...
TikTok tips

TikTok Tips From a Non Gen Z-er

Let’s just get this out of the way right now, I am not a Gen Z person and have no business being on TikTok. I’m not even a Millennial… technically I fall right into...
kid speaking out of a megaphone

Kid Words are the Best Words

Merriam-Webster added 520 new words or expanded definitions to the dictionary in January 2021, some of which are signs of progress like “Second Gentleman” and others that mark the ways we are forever changed...
four young kids reading a book together

Local Reading Finds for Your Early Reader

We all have that one book, or several books, that shaped our childhood and will forever occupy a sweet nostalgic corner of our brains. For me, it was A Light in the Attic by...
woman drinking her coffee with her kids in the background

Finding Those “Mini Me Time” Moments

Raise your hand if the constant reminders for self care make you anxious. Keep it raised and lower all your fingers except the middle one if you’re tired of feeling guilty for not “making...
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