Stacey is a Kansas City area native who currently resides in East KC with her husband, Tim, and their two adorable kiddos: a feisty 3-year-old girl, and a wild 1-year-old little boy. When she’s not having adult conversations at her part-time job as a non-profit bookkeeper, she can often be found doing something outdoors with her kids, exploring Kansas City, or reheating her cup of coffee for the second or third time. Stacey and her husband grew their family through local, open, domestic infant adoption (did you catch all that?), and she loves sharing about the process with other families! Books and coffee are her love language, and motherhood is both the hardest and most beautiful thing she has experienced.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: What She (Really) Wants

Mother's Day is on the horizon, but perhaps your children and/or significant other have waited until the last minute to think about a gift. Luckily some of the best gifts you can give are...

I’m Leaning Out (Sort Of): On Working Part Time

After an emotionally exhausting adoption process, our newborn daughter was finally in our arms. I desperately wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but our finances at the time did not allow for that. After...

The Top 5 Things I Said I’d Never Do as a Parent

You know that person judging you in the grocery store as your kid throws a fit? That was me. "I'll never let my kids act that way," I confidently thought. I was an amazing parent...

Winter Car Seat Safety Reminders

Hi, mama! Winter is coming, and this is a great time to chat about some car seat safety reminders. We have all seen the sanctimommy who just can't keep herself from dispensing unsolicited advice. I promise it...
Why Open Adoption?

Why Open Adoption?

On Tuesday nights you can find me in front of the television watching the new hit show on NBC, This Is Us. An emotional family drama, This Is Us has been the perfect solution...
Cheap (or free) Things to Do with Kids in Eastern Jackson County

Cheap (Or Free) Things to Do With Kids in Eastern Jackson County

Kansas City has no shortage of fun and exciting places to explore with kids. You will often find me with my two young kiddos playing at the Plaza Library or walking the Kansas City...

Adoption After Infertility: Adoption is Not Giving Up

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year and a half. Eventually we decided to seek medical advice, which is how we found ourselves sitting across from a reproductive...
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