Tiffany Baker

Tiffany Baker
Tiffany Baker is a writer, resourcer, educator, and former ordained clergy person. She lives in Overland Park with her husband and three kids. She believes each mom is doing the best she can and encourages moms to practice self-compassion. She leads a Facebook group called "Fearless Mothering" to help moms tune out self-doubt and trust themselves as mothers.
girl holding flowers

Should We Teach Kindness to Our Kids?

Kind is the new cool Everywhere you turn, the "be kind" message has taken us by storm. Public schools, Netflix specials, and monogrammed tees all tell us "Kind is the new cool." The campaign for kindness recognizes...
pic of woman's hands holding glass of wine

Why I Don’t Make Wine Jokes

I share openly about my postpartum depression. I write publicly about my therapist and anxiety meds. But this feels like the most vulnerable confession I’ve ever made: I don’t drink wine. I also don’t make jokes about “wine...

Practicing Anti-racism and Self-Compassion at the Same Time

I teach self-compassion. Specifically, I teach women how to practice self-compassion and believe they are good enough. In my private coaching calls with women I often repeat the phrase, "There is nothing wrong with you." Except, I...
Mother's Day Card

The Mother’s Day Card I Hope to Receive

Sacrifice and servanthood are inevitable when you become a mother, but I'm sick of Mother's Day cards that praise women for shrinking themselves so small they no longer exist. Here is the Mother's Day card...
pregnant mom

A Love Letter to New and Expecting Moms During a Pandemic

Dear new and expecting moms, You've been on my mind, and I wanted you to know. Becoming a mother is an experience fraught with worry and uncertainty, and now we have a global pandemic. It's...
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Five Ways to Stay Calm During COVID-19

I manage anxiety on a daily basis. I do fairly well most of the time, but I was unprepared for a global pandemic. As an anxious mom who wants to parent as non-anxiously as...