Beat the Heat at Superkidz Club

This post is sponsored by Kansas City's newest indoor playground, SuperKidz Club! Opinions belong to the writer.

Seriously… a heat index of 107 degrees with 99% humidity for the fourth day in a row!? Not that long ago, Wednesdays were synonymous with snow days and we were all longing for the sun. Now, I’m guessing most of us would welcome a visit from Elsa and her magical summer snowstorms. 😊

When your snowcone melts faster than you can eat it, it’s time to head indoors for a while. SuperKidz Club, Kansas City’s newest indoor playground, is one of my new go-tos to beat the summer heat. If you’re a child of the 90’s you might remember going DZ at Discovery Zone. (You’re welcome for getting that little ditty stuck in your head!) Think of Superkidz as the newer, cleaner version of that.

This 9,500 sq ft indoor playground in Mission is owned by a real life mom, which means she’s thought of… well, everything. I usually cringe at the thought of Oliver crawling through germ-infested tunnels, but this place is cleaner than my own home. Every bit of the tubes and tunnels are scrubbed daily and the ball pit gets cleaned once a week! Superkidz has a socks-only policy in all areas past the gate, but they’ve thought ahead to restroom needs and provided a cute little selection of slip-on sandals to wear during your restroom breaks.

The play areas are designed for children ages 0-15, but they encourage parents to play with their kids! I’m the mom who still plays every chance I get, so I was thrilled to be given official permission to do so. These aren’t your typical play place tunnels either. At 5’3″, I was able to walk through most of the larger tunnels with just a slight duck of my head.

The creativity of the design surpasses most indoor playgrounds as well. The tube slide (as we’ve dubbed it) requires kids to pull their own inner tube up a ramp and then slide down a textured slide in the tube, waterslide style. As a mom who knows her kiddo benefits from heavy work activities, I was in proprioception heaven watching him pull that tube up the ramp over and over.

The interactive games projected on the floor that require kids to run, jump, and stomp are a perfect alternative for kids who can’t seem to get enough video games this summer. Or you can put your own life dignity on the line dodging foam balls in the air canon area.

There are also separate enclosed play areas for the littlest adventurers and a ball pit area with a small slide reserved for those 5 and under. (Conveniently located next to some very comfortable couches.)

The concession area makes it easy to plan your visit over lunch time with a selection of hot foods including pizza, chicken nuggets, quesadillas and eggrolls. And their dessert menu goes way beyond the expected, offering cheese cake bites and bubble waffles, among other sweet treats. I’m partial to the Boba milk tea myself.

And just when I thought I had exhausted my options for winter birthday parties, I found the Superkidz birthday rooms, which are made to look like they’re built with larger than life Legos, complete with character themes inside.


Mom Tips for Your Day at Superkidz:

  • Fill out the waiver online ahead of time for a speedier check-in process.
  • Bring your own socks – even parents need to wear them, as shoes aren’t allowed anywhere past the gate, including the party rooms, concessions, and viewing areas.
  • Ask about military and siblings discounts.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are just $10!
  • Don’t miss their GRAND OPENING at noon on July 26! In addition to discounted admission, you’ll find raffles, characters, face painting, and a balloon artist! See you there!
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