Bee Organized to the Rescue!

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After our kitchen remodel, I was dreading putting everything away. We had transformed our living room into a temporary kitchen, and the extras were stored in several different rooms. My cabinets all were different, some oddly shaped, and the idea of creating a good, efficient flow was overwhelming (especially after seven weeks of trying to make dinner without appliances).

Bee Organized
Bee Organized

Enter the Bees from Bee Organized! They arrived with Target and Container Store bags in hand ready to take action. My stuff was piled in open boxes, scattered all over my couches and filling grocery bags. I was nervous to let someone else design my space, especially one I use multiple times a day. 

But, the process was one where I was very involved. We went through my mugs and when they held up a faded mug with a picture of an old guy eating donuts, they didn’t judge me when I said it was important to keep it because it’s the one I remember my Grandpa drinking out of when I was a little girl. They sorted through my spices, organized my utensils, gently pointed out my over abundance of wooden spoons. I never felt judged in the process, which was my biggest hurdle to making the call to the Bees. They treated my lack of organization with compassion and gently guided me in the right direction!

We created boxes for giveaway and throw away and with someone else doing the sorting, I found it much easier to get rid of things I never, ever use when I wasn’t the one placing it in the box. The Bees even took care of donating it to the charity of my choice.

Unloading my dishwasher is no longer my most hated chore. First, because my cabinets are now soft close and I don’t get a migraine from my husband banging the cabinet doors shut. But a close second is the systems that now make much more sense. The plates, bowls, silverware and cups are all within arms reach of the dishwasher. 

My pantry is organized with matching bins which has truly made grocery store trips easier because I can actually see what I have. Plus, it looks good, too. My spice cabinet isn’t jammed full because we threw away the ones that are expired and now I can see the labels of each jar. The Bees were able to accommodate my request of having a kid friendly cabinet for cups, plates and bowls as well as a shelf in the pantry for making lunches without going to five different places for supplies. They didn’t stop in the kitchen, but made sure to fix all the spaces that affected my kitchen – our hutch, the dining room storage cabinets, the random collection of sushi making supplies that were left on my couch.


What I appreciated about the process was the Bees made me as involved as I wanted to be but I didn’t feel guilty when I had to step away to help a toddler in the bathroom or answer a work email.

They even had time to work on my bathroom cabinet – again, organizing my items in categories with matching bins of appropriate size. Plus they left with a large garbage bag full of expired medicine (oops…).

While organizing services may seem like a luxury item, I found it to be exactly what I needed to finish out our remodel project and feel sane again. The customized systems has made my kitchen more efficient and peaceful – making tasks like making lunches so much less painful. I mean, until school starts…

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Sarah is mama to 9-year-old, Henry, 6-year-old Clark and 4-year-old Lucy. After growing up in Manhattan, Kansas (Go Cats!), she moved to Minnesota where she met her husband, Shea. Realizing how much she hated snow in May, she convinced him to move to Kansas City in 2010. Together they have lived in Midtown, Waldo, the Plaza before migrating to Johnson County. Sarah has her master’s in urban administration and is currently in the Kansas City Centurions program. In between the crazy, she likes to drink coffee, run, travel (but never to the same place twice), and experience all things Kansas City!