Beyond the Hunt: Tips for Making Easter Fun for Your Kids

We love a good Easter egg hunt in our family. Who doesn’t enjoy the great variety of Tootsie Rolls, Peeps, chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs and bunnies, Easter Sweet-Tarts, and more? That said, it’s very important to me that my children understand the reason we celebrate Easter, beyond the candy-filled eggs left behind by the bunny. So, in an effort to help them see the true meaning and spirit behind this wonderful Spring holiday, I try to find fun ways to include them in the preparations leading up to Easter Sunday and help them understand that all of the decorations and family gatherings are in celebration of something absolutely amazing!

Here are some of the fun ways to prepare for Easter with your children:

  • Make a bunny banner. We had fun making ours, complete with rainbow and school bus paper (that’s what happens when you let a 3-year-old boy help decorate for Easter!). DSC_0052 DSC_0053 DSC_0054DSC_0066
  • Make Peep kabobs. What child doesn’t love playing with marshmallows and sticks? These were a fun Easter gift for our nieces and nephews on Easter Sunday.


  • Dye eggs. People have been doing this for years, but it’s definitely one of my favorite memories from Easter time when I was little and I wanted to be sure I carried on the tradition with my own children. I love all of the chic and modern ways you see Easter eggs decorated in the magazines and on Pinterest these days, but at the end of the day, I love the ones decorated by a toddler and pre-schooler the best!

DSC_0060dying eggs

  • Read books about Easter. We love to read in our house – and this time of year, we have a pretty good supply of Easter books in our book box! Many of these books help my kids to see the true meaning of Easter, and that’s very important to us as parents.
  • Finally, and most importantly, regularly talk about the importance of Easter. If this applies to your family, express the importance of this wonderful holiday to your children on a regular basis.


Allison is wife to John and mom to three blue-eyed blondes: a six year-old son, a three-year old daughter and a four-month old baby girl. She spends her non-summer days teaching middle school reading and writing and is excited to be writing for an adult audience! When not teaching, she can be found at local parks, taking her children on stroller rides, pushing the car-carts at the grocery store, or ordering vanilla lattes or Diet Dr. Pepper fountain pops. Allison loves decorating her home and tries to keep a good balance between kid-friendly and not kid-run. She enjoys cooking and making meals that are taste bud-friendly for both adults and kids. She is always excited to throw a good party and loves any reason to host family and friends in her home. Allison also blogs for AWG's (Best Choice) Mom Blog and runs Sincerely Design Co .