Kids’ Jazzoo {GIVEAWAY}!

What mom doesn’t enjoy a family trip to the Kansas City Zoo? We’re excited to have the opportunity to give away four tickets to Kids’ Jazzoo, a kid-friendly fundraiser for the Kansas City Zoo’s Zoo Learning Fund which provides educational programming to more than 50,000 children each year. Guests will have the chance to explore […]

Six Ways to Help Your Children Have a Successful School Year

Note: This post is the second in our six-part “Back to School” series. Join us for more from this series on Tuesday! Supplies have been purchased. Outfits have been laid out for the first day. Backpacks are stuffed and ready to go. Yes, metro families are preparing for the start of another school year. Some […]

I’m Holding Pregnancy Responsible

Note: This post is the second in our three-part “Labor of Love” series. Join us in a couple of weeks as we close out this series with Bridget’s birth story! My husband, Josh thinks it would be funny if a book were written about things that are only acceptable to say or do when pregnant. […]

Date Night at the Starlight Theatre


Earlier this week, my husband (Jon) and I had the opportunity to cross another “first” off our Kansas City bucket list when we attended our first show at the Starlight Theatre. Not only was it our first time attending a show at the Starlight, but it was also a first of another kind: opening night […]

Launch Party!

Here at Kansas City Moms Blog, we love celebrating and we’re wasting no time finding a reason to do so! After a GREAT launch week, we are inviting YOU to join us at Lauren Alexandra in Briarcliff Village for our Kansas City Moms Blog {LAUNCH PARTY}! Our contributors and co-founders will be available to answer any […]

Lines, Wait Lists, and Limited Options: Back to School in the CITY


Note: This post is the first in our six-part “Back to School” series. Join us for more next week! I grew up in a suburb with strong schools and award-winning teachers. Heading back to school could always be summed up with a single emotion – excitement! The excitement of getting to see friends that were […]

Missing Someone That You’ve Never Met – An Adoption Follow Along


I have always wanted a large family. Growing up with only two first cousins, I was envious of others that attended yearly family reunions and had thirteen cousins at their birthday parties. The dream of my own personal zoo train full of children was crushed after three extremely difficult pregnancies, each of which ended in […]

One Foot Forward

Nine years ago, when my husband and I first became parents, we thought the most complicated part of parenthood was going to be as parents of girls – twin girls. I grew up with four brothers and Chris, my hubby, had two brothers. I remember thinking, “we won’t have girls; we simply won’t know what to […]

XY Chromosomes Only

Note: This post is the first in our three-part “Labor of Love” series. Join us for more from Bridget next week! “Pregnant again?” “Yes, we know how this is happening” – but thanks, fifty-something-year-old man in the produce aisle that just made me extremely uncomfortable. Yes, I am thirty-seven weeks and five days pregnant with my […]

Mourning the End of Summer

Summer. The word itself conjures up images of long afternoons spent by the pool, ice cream for dinner, BBQs, ponytails, and flip-flops. We love it. We relish it. We count down the days until it returns. But one thing I have noticed these last few weeks is that we don’t see it through to the […]

When the Sippy Cup is Half-Empty: My Doubts Going into Motherhood

Spiders and snakes? Don’t bother me. Going to the dentist? No problem. Public speaking? My pleasure. Becoming a mom? Scared me so much that just the thought would make me shake more than a belly-dancer in an earthquake. I love our son, but I’ve had to work through (and am still working through) a number of fears that I’ve carried […]

Trucks, Dirt and Toots

“It’s a boy.” Words I never thought I would hear. OK, I’ll be honest – I actually cried when the ultrasound tech uttered those words. The week before our big reveal ultrasound I went through the old trunk of girly outfits. Cute little dresses with precious buttons and ruffles. Adorable sun hats and bows. Tiny […]

Why Kansas City Moms Blog?

My husband and I committed to moving to Kansas City more than a year before we actually moved … well, sort of. We knew that we would be relocating so that he could attend seminary, and while there were several appealing options for us to choose from, we finally chose KC more for its proximity […]

The Power of a Mom Friend

The other day I received a text from a fellow mom who had moved from the Midwest to a new city. She asked me, “How do I find moms here? How do I find things for moms and kids to do? All I’m doing is sitting at home and nursing every three hours.” She had […]

An Evening in Spain via Kansas City


My husband and I desperately love our 3 children. They are cute, fun and make our lives very fulfilling. However there are days when we wonder what monster climbed into their brains and made them act so . . . childish. So it’s on those days that we look each other in the eye and […]



Your Guide To KC

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