10 Things to Do with Baby During Quarantine

Quarantine life has been hard with a baby under the age of one (10-months old to be exact). At first, I felt like I was constantly reaching to come up with ideas to entertain her. Then, an article came out titled “101 Things To Do While in Quarantine,” and I was pumped! It gave me […]

I Can’t Outrun Racism

When I was very young, my parents lived in a small Michigan town between their two jobs. We didn’t go to school there, and I didn’t understand why at the time. “Too racist,” my mom would tell people. “That’s everywhere,” I remember a car salesman responding once. That was almost 40 years ago. They were […]

The Pandemic Is Making Us Better Neighbors

Recently, I’m finding myself emphatically waving and smiling at any neighbors who pass by our house. They might live on our street … or not. Regardless, everyone now gets a big wave, a meaningful “How are you?” And people are responding with more than the canned “Fine, you?”   Everyone who passes by on their daily […]

Pride Month: Being an LGBTQ+ Ally

I’m a Mom. I have three children who I love and cherish. These three beautiful beings mean the world to me, and from the moment I first knew of their existence, I wanted to always be a safe place for them. I wanted to be the person who cheered them on, who pushed them to […]

I Hate Summer: How We Deal

As we slide into the summer months, I’m overwhelmed by social media declarations of how excited people are to be outside swimming, playing, and barbecuing after a long winter. I’m happy you’re happy. Really. I know many people feel a sense of existential dread slip over them come November, awaiting snow and ice. But I […]

How Camps Are Staying Safe This Summer


This post is sponsored by the YMCA of Greater Kansas City. Check out their summer camp offerings! After months of quarantine and homeschooling, kids are ready to be with friends again and parents are heading back to work (or maybe just ready for some time away from the kids!).  Summer day camps are a great […]

Quarantine in the Eyes of a Child

I sit here, and I look at you. My mind is filled with fear at times. I try to flush it out through prayer, scripture reading, knowledge, talking to others, writing.  I try to watch mindless television because sometimes it’s all just too much. I lay my head down at night, but in the morning, […]

Talking to Kids About COVID-19

It is obvious that our kids have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the country, restrictions have eased up slightly, but the outbreak is certainly still prevalent. With schools closing early nationwide, social/physical distancing continuing, and having been quarantined at home, kids are bound to ask questions. Depending on their age, the questions may […]

Speech and Language: Summertime is a GREAT Time to Close the Gap

This post is sponsored by Children’s Therapy Services in Overland Park. They can help your child improve speech and language so they are ready for school in the fall! You may have a concern or someone in you or your child’s life has mentioned to you that your child might need speech services. This person […]

The Capacity for Empathy

When was the last time you needed a bandage? No, not for your kiddo. A bandage for you? I tripped and fell walking down on the sidewalk a couple weeks ago. Ripped a hole in my jeans and earned a bloody knee and toe. I put on a brave face, but truthfully, I felt like […]

How to Stay Healthy and Have Fun this Summer


Well, it happened. The school somehow came to a close. There are no more Zoom calls scheduled with teachers and no more trying to balance kindergarten virtual learning with working from home. My daughter’s first year in elementary school is over, despite it all. Now, it is time to start looking ahead to warmer days […]

10 Summer Sanity Savers to Buy Your Kids

Summer is here, and things are far from normal right now. With restrictions in place at almost every business and establishment, there are fewer options for keeping the kids entertained. Maybe your family, like mine, is still erring on the side of caution by mostly staying home. In that case, summer isn’t looking too different […]

Summer Reading Programs in Kansas City

In these turbulent times of quarantines and lockdowns, the partial reopening of local libraries are giving us the distractions we need, both as adults and kids. The Kansas City area libraries are partnering with the theme of “Imagine Your Story” for their 2020 summer reading programs. Below is a list of the details for various […]

I Can Do Better

In schools, there is this thing called an “I can…” statement. It’s a learning goal written in terms of what students can do when they have completed the learning unit. It seems to me that many of us are learners when it comes to anti-racism. And when I say “many of us,” I mean white […]

Oprah, Me, and My 2020 Vision

In January, I spent an amazing day with Oprah Winfrey. Yes, it was just me, Oprah, and 20,000 of our closest friends. I was in desperate need of a big ol’ dose of self-love, inspiration, and motivation that no one could provide better than Lady O! My journey to Oprah started a few days into […]



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Summer Reading Programs in Kansas City

In these turbulent times of quarantines and lockdowns, the partial reopening of local libraries are giving us the distractions we need, both...