Lessons I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Stay-at-Home Mom

My son and I had just spent a solid 15 minutes progressing only a few feet into what I was hoping would be a walk around the block. If you’ve ever walked with a toddler, you will understand that they rarely walk in a straight line and are anything but efficient travelers. My son may […]

Homemade Honey Lavender Ice Cream Custard with Sea Salt


The weather is still warm here in Kansas City, yet leaves are beginning to fall as a sign of the cooler months ahead. As we enjoy these final weeks of summer, my family still makes homemade ice cream weekly. We take a step back from our fruity flavored ice creams and transition into fall with […]

I Keep Nursing for Two Reasons — Cuddles and COVID-19

In honor of Black Breastfeeding Week, I have a confession to make. Well, make that two. First confession: I am still breastfeeding my 2 ½-year-old daughter. Second confession: I’m kind of over it. I know some moms out there are thinking, “Why in the world is she still nursing a toddler that old? Give her […]

Can Our Relationships Survive This Election?

Every time is the same with this one distant relative. I get a notification that I have a new Facebook message and it happens to be from that one family member. You know the one because you have that same family member, too. It’s the family member that disagrees with you politically and continuously shares […]

Anxiety: About Those Years I Didn’t Speak

The behavior charts for my oldest child in kindergarten weren’t great. Her offenses ranged from concerning (biting a classmate the first week of school) to keepsake-worthy (see below). But far and away, her most common offense was socializing to an excessive degree. And while I did have a talk with her about being respectful to […]

Should We Teach Kindness to Our Kids?

Kind is the new cool Everywhere you turn, the “be kind” message has taken us by storm. Public schools, Netflix specials, and monogrammed tees all tell us “Kind is the new cool.” The campaign for kindness recognizes the problem of bullying, specifically, cyber-bullying and I’m grateful for the concerted effort in response to a serious […]

My Child’s Ready for Kindergarten, But I’m Not

I knew this day was coming, the day when my oldest son would be entering kindergarten. I tried to prepare myself all year by being more intentional with our time together. I absorbed every moment and captured every memory. But I only found myself staring at him wondering where the time went. My once baby […]

My Advice? Go to Museums


In a turn of events that I find mostly surprising although altogether predictable, I’m the mom of two teenage kids. One of them, in fact, is in his last year of adolescence already.  I could not be prouder of the people they are becoming—with one small exception. Neither one of our boys really enjoy museums. I […]

Maybe This is the Reality Check We All Needed

It’s been a long six months. What began as fear of the unknown, with a mysterious virus lurking in the air has morphed into a different kind of dread and trepidation. Now, we must figure out how to live with this mess for much longer than we initially anticipated. And that feels overwhelming. Not seeing […]

12 Books for Young Boys


My sons love reading books, and we make it a point to attend story time at our local library, as much as possible. Building literacy at a young age is important for transforming kids into socially aware and engaged adults. While there are so many great books out there, appropriate for all kids regardless of […]

Back to School: Six Things You Can Do to Get Ready

The upcoming school year is at the forefront of most minds. Do we send the kids? Do we keep them home? What about homeschooling and virtual school? Will my kids be safe at school? What will school even look like? While all of those questions are swirling around all of our mom brains, for those […]

You’re Invited to Bloom 2020: Community, Inspiration and Prizes for New and Expecting Moms!

/* custom css */ .tdi_4_6f0{ min-height: 0; } /* custom css */ .tdi_6_afa{ vertical-align: baseline; } Please note: this page will be continuously updated as more sponsors or information is added so be sure to check back often! Who: All Kansas City moms (you do not have to be expecting to attend!). This event is designed for [...]

Relationships: Good at Fighting


I don’t want to brag, but I’m a pretty epic fighter. Master manipulator. Stoic stonewaller. Jedi justifier. Couples having a hard time in quarantine? Not me and my man, I’m just too good at fighting to lose. OK, obviously this isn’t how it works, and it wasn’t working. All his and my poor communication and […]

Buying a House: The Offer Letter

“We’d like to make your house our home.” My husband and I are currently in the process of selling our house and buying a new one. We did this once before, almost exactly five years ago. Things are a bit different this time around. Instead of moving across states, we’re just moving across the highway. […]

Preventing Cavities in Kids Starts Early

This post is sponsored by Jenkins & LeBlanc Dentistry for Children; now accepting new patients! The American Academy of Pediatric Association reports 40% of 2-5 year olds who have not seen a dentist develop cavities. Although it may seem like a challenge to get your child to practice good oral hygiene habits, scheduling regular visits with […]



Your Guide To KC

Guide to Kansas City’s Favorite Drive-Thrus

Supporting local restaurants is something that is really important to my family, even more so during the current pandemic. I especially love drive-thrus because...