Burgers’ Smokehouse – Perfect for Father’s Day

This post is sponsored by Burgers' Smokehouse. Opinions, however, belong to the writer.

Father’s Day is coming and if you’re anything like me I struggle to find the right gift. I loathe spending money on trinkets and things that will just clutter space and get tossed aside. I have jumped on the experience gift bandwagon and taken my husband to baseball games or organized daddy/daughter movie dates. I’ve even been the really cool wife and sent him to the golf course with his dad for the day — score two gifts knocked out with that one! 

We’ve hand-printed and painted grill plates with cheesy, but cute, sayings like “Dad’s the king of the grill,” we’ve framed daddy/daughter collages for his desk at work and we’ve also just bought him a golf shirt. I love being sentimental and creative, but some years it’s just exhausting and a golf shirt is what I can do. This year I was able to preview some BBQ meat from Burgers’ Smokehouse. I immediately thought of Father’s Day and what a unique and creative gift idea a sample pack from Burgers’ Smokehouse would be for the dads and grandpas on our life.

I chose my gift pack from a variety of choices on their website and I was surprised by the selection.  From breakfast samplers to burgers, to BBQ and bacon there are so many choices. I decided on a Kansas City BBQ Sampler pack that included pulled pork, pulled chicken, St. Louis style BBQ ribs, and BBQ beef. We love Kansas City BBQ in our family and I knew this would be the true test.

Everything was shipped (for free) and delivered promptly and came packaged in a cooler with icepacks. The heating directions were simple and quick and everything was warmed in the microwave for four minutes (I was skeptical too, hang with me) except for the option to oven cook or grill the ribs.  We invited my inlaws over for dinner and decided to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with a little BBQ. 

Let me tell you, the food was not only delicious, but the ease of the preparation is what sold me! Everything arrived fully cooked and after warming was ready to serve. These meals would be great for a busy weeknight (hello, four minutes in the microwave!) or for large family gatherings.  I would say each item (pulled pork, pulled chicken, BBQ beef) could feed four people. The ribs (if that’s all you were eating) could feed two people. 

I cooked everything all at once and put it out on a platter and it easily fed (with leftovers) 6 adults and 2 children. I took a family poll, and everyone agreed the BBQ Beef was their favorite. It was tender and the flavor was delicious. My 9 year old devoured a pulled pork sandwich and said it was the best-pulled pork she had ever had! I can never get her to eat an entire sandwich so this is definitely saying something! The ribs were tender with minimal fat and the sauce they use is sweet and delightful. 

Everything is delivered frozen and the directions state to thaw in the refrigerator before serving. I forgot to do this step and set the meat out on my counter about an hour before we were going to serve, and it was still delicious. Most of the meat was still a bit frozen when we microwaved it and not one person thought it was mushy or soggy because of this missed step. Just thought I would throw that in there in case you are terrible at planning ahead like me.  

Burgers’ Smokehouse has a unique set of gift options for Father’s Day.  I’m torn between the Steak Sampler or the Burgers for my grandpa this year.. I’m itching to try one of their hams at our next family holiday – a meat they have a long family history of preparing in the most delicious way.

To gift Burgers’ Smokehouse for a favorite father in your life, use the code DAD10 to receive 10% off your total order (not including taxes or expedited shipping charges). Code is valid through June 16, 2019.

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