Celebrate Fall at Worlds of Fun

This post is sponsored by Worlds of Fun, but opinions belong to the writer.

Fall has finally arrived and it’s the perfect time to head outside and enjoy the season! One of our favorite places to do just that: Worlds of Fun!

Not only does Worlds of Fun offer the popular nighttime scary event, Halloween Haunt, Worlds of Fun also has a family-friendly daytime Halloween event in Planet Snoopy every weekend that’s perfect for kids! The Great Pumpkin Fest is inspired by It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We had the chance to check it out and are here with our best mom tips!

Arrive early.
The Great Pumpkin Fest activities run from noon until 5 p.m, but Worlds of Fun opens its gates at 11 a.m. I suggest arriving early to take advantage of the full park. Plus, lines are shorter the earlier you go! We took our time making our way to Planet Snoopy, stopping at several rides that even my four-year-olds could enjoy along the way. 

Worlds of Fun Railroad, located in the main park, was one of our favorite rides.

Show off the kids’ Halloween costumes!
Kids under 11 are invited to wear costumes during the Halloween season and even participate in a costume contest at Planet Snoopy at 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Our Halloween costumes aren’t quite ready yet, but my girls love any excuse (or no excuse) to wear dress-up clothes. And while in costume, don’t forget to look out for trick-or-treat stations throughout Planet Snoopy. Small trick-or-treat bags are provided or, if you have the space, bring your own! 

Get lost in the hay bale maze.
Or let your kids get lost (adults can see over the hay bales), and make your way back to the pumpkin patch, where kids 12 and under can choose their own mini pumpkin to take home. This was my kids’ favorite part of The Great Pumpkin Fest. They loved chasing each other around and running into dead ends, and I loved that they were burning off some of their excited energy and sugar. 


Explore Planet Snoopy.
While experiencing all the fun of The Great Pumpkin Fest, which also includes Halloween-themed crafts, musical stage performances, Peppermint Patty story time, and dancing with Peanuts characters, don’t miss out on the Planet Snoopy mainstays! Featuring 21 attractions for kids, Planet Snoopy alone will provide more than enough family entertainment for the day. Our favorites were the Peanuts Playhouse, Flying Ace Balloon Race, and Charlie Brown’s Windup. 

Consider a season pass.
We spent nearly seven hours at Worlds of Fun in one day and didn’t even experience a fraction of the park! There is so much more we want to get back to do. Right now, with a 2019 Gold Season Pass, you’ll get free parking and unlimited admission, including The Great Pumpkin Fest/Halloween Haunt and WinterFest, which are worth it alone! Also be sure to sign up your three to five year-old for a free Pre-K pass!

Additional KCMB Tips

  • Bring a backpack to carry the kids’ trick-or-treat bags and mini pumpkins.
  • At 6:30 p.m., the park begins slowly transitioning to the Halloween Haunt. Leave by 7 p.m. if your children scare easily.
  • If you want to stick around, line the main paths at 7:30 for a parade of creepy characters taking their positions for Halloween Haunt.
  • “No-boo” necklaces are available for purchase to keep the scary characters away.
  • Halloween Haunt is recommended for kids 14+ 


Katie is a SAHM mom of three, a bad driver of a heavily dented minivan, a KC native, and an owner of a messy house in Overland Park (and not in a cute “Look at my kids playing in unfolded laundry!” way, but more in a “Don’t stick your hands under the couch until we’ve investigated that smell!” way). She loves long family road trips, dogs with people names, and using her rare kid-free time to go to concerts and movies. She hates speaking in third person and people with dog names. She is most proud of her children when they sing David Bowie songs in public and express independence in ways that cause strangers concern.