DIY Project: Tooth Fairy Wand

The excitement and anticipation of losing a tooth is such a fun part of childhood, but it can also be a bit scary. We love any reason to add a little magic (and glitter!) to everyday things, so follow below for a step-by-step instructions for making a Tooth Fairy Wand.

How to Make a Tooth Fairy Wand (with hidden tooth pocket)

The supplies are pretty versatile so use what you have on hand. (or you have my permission to make a craft store run.)
tooth fairy wand

Supplies You Will Need

  • Magic Wand: We used a paint stick, which was the perfect size to add a little pocket
  • White Felt: also use heavy paper or foam
  • Googly Eyes: or paint/draw on
  • Ribbons: we used cloth, but old gift ribbon bows would be fun
  • Paint: markers, and crayons work, too
  • Glue: hot glue is always the fastest choice and worked best for this no-sew project
  • Glitter: optional
  • Tooth Pattern: see Step 2
  • Sharpie/Pencil

Tooth Fairy Wand Instructions

Step 1
Paint and decorate your fairy wands. The paint will need to be dry to assemble wands. If you’re adding glitter you can add it now. 

Step 2
Use your tooth pattern to trace and cut out 2, a front and back piece, using your white felt.

Step 3
Attach eyes and paint/draw a smile on one of the tooth pieces.

Step 4
Cut a small rectangular piece of felt and glue on the top of the paint stick to create a pocket. Make sure to leave the top open to place the tooth.
Step 5
Glue the ribbons on the other side of the paint stick.

Step 6
Glue the back tooth piece to the paint stick, then glue the top tooth piece onto the bottom tooth piece around the edges, keeping the top open to create a pocket for the tooth fairy to leave money.

Step 7
Make sure glue has cooled off and everything is holding in place. Use these wands to help make your next dentist visit a magical experience, or use the hidden pocket to keep your tooth safe until the tooth fairy visits.

Add to the tooth fairy fun, and check out the Best Tooth Fairy Books and Shows.


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