You Don’t HAVE to Wear Yoga Pants

Dear Moms,

I’m going to say something probably slightly controversial. You don’t have to wear yoga pants. You don’t have to wear leggings. You don’t have to wear anything specific and you don’t have to justify your clothing choices to anyone!

Let me elaborate.

I saw a meme the other day that said something to the extent of “I look like a Walking Dead extra and my kids look like a Baby Gap ad.” At first glance, it’s pretty funnYou Don't Have to Wear Yoga Pantsy. We’ve all been there. Kids grow so quickly, they get new clothes almost every season. Of course they look great, you just bought those jeans a month ago! But you… you, poor mom, never go shopping for yourself. How can you? Your kids need ALL THE THINGS! So you’re forced to resign yourself to clothes you don’t love.

STOP! Wait, let’s rewind. “I look like a Walking Dead extra”…to me, that implies you don’t love the way you look. (Unless you do, in which case, rock on zombie mom.) Most people don’t necessarily want to look like Night of the Living Dead. Which leaves me wondering… why do we put ourselves last?

I hear over and over again, “I have small children, I don’t have time to put on real clothes.” But, by my calculations, it takes roughly the same amount of time to pull on yoga pants as it does to pull on a pair of jeans. Right? So that can’t be it.

“I have to be comfortable walking around town, I just wear whatever.” OK, fair. You DO have to be comfortable. But why do you own clothing that’s uncomfortable on your body in the first place? In the wise guidance of Marie Kondo I ask you, does it spark joy? No? Then donate it!

Look, if yoga pants and t-shirts are your thing, great. Rock it. But if you’re one of those moms who wishes she could look nicer but resigns herself to “this is what moms wear” I want you to stop it. Because what you’re saying is “my desires and needs aren’t important,” and that’s crap.

You, Supermom, are SO very important and your thoughts, hopes, dreams and wishes matter IMMENSELY.

I want you to take care of yourself the way you take care of your kids. If your kids look like Baby Gap models, take the time to make yourself feel like an adult Gap Model. Whatever that means for you.

Put on those jeans. Pull that hair into a stylish ponytail. Toss some bronzer and mascara on. Do whatever it is that makes you feel like the best version of you. Take the extra 5-10 minutes and take care of you.

Because you were first and foremost, a woman. You didn’t lose that after you became a mom. Nurture that woman. Show your daughters that life isn’t over after you have children. Show your sons that you’re still an individual and you believe in yourself. Show your children that, while outer beauty is fleeting, your inner confidence shines when you feel good about yourself.

No matter what that looks like for you, take care of yourself. I don’t care if you wear yoga pants or stilettos but whatever it is, I want you to feel like a million bucks.

Because you are worth it, moms. Take care.

Mallory Shannon is a birth and postpartum doula in the Kansas City Metro area, wife and mother of two. She had every intent to leave until she and her husband moved their family downtown and fell in love with the city and the culture. Self-professed coffee addict and foodie, she enjoys all that the Kansas City food and coffee scene has to offer. When she isn't chasing down her one- and three-year-old, you'll find her hitting the Farmer's market, teaching and providing Kansas City's family centered birth and postpartum doula care. You can follow Northland Doula at, or on Instagram @northlanddoula.