Embracing Change After 40

Whether your forties are on the horizon or you are knee-deep into them, you can expect to experience some changes. You will likely encounter a few creaking joints, maybe an increase in forgetfulness, and certainly a few strands of gray with some noticeable wrinkles.

However, that’s not to say it’s all downhill. In fact, you will notice a boost in confidence, a slight change in your priorities for the better, and a fading of your inhibitions along with the tolerance for toxic relationships. You will gain a better sense of yourself. And with that, you are transformed.

Welcome to the 40 Club!

I wasn’t quite prepared for the life after 40. My husband tried to prepare me. Others warned me. But I didn’t dare listen. I never had to worry about my food choices or stretch before working out. I had no real signs of facial lines nor graying. I could get through my days with less than six hours of sleep. I felt fine the day after having that extra glass of wine.

I marched straight into my forties with optimism. I believed I would remain the same gal as I was yesterday, just a year older. And I was right, that first year in my forties was glorious. I never felt better. 

Then, one day like a hot flash (literally!), I began to feel the effects of aging. My metabolism began to slow down. I couldn’t lose the weight I had gained from my second pregnancy, no matter how hard I tried. I was encountering chronic lower back pain, maybe from carrying my 20 pound toddler, I don’t know. I had reoccurring shin splints after runs, a sore knee, and plenty of fatigue to go around. My forties was kicking my bum. Not to mention, I had noticeable gray hairs appearing and more wrinkles than I could count. 

What was happening to me? Where did my youth go?

I told myself not to fret. Everyone ages. That’s no surprise. I may not be able to stop the aging process, but I could slow it down. I began to use anti-aging serums and moisturizers. I colored my hair to hide the gray. I stepped up my workouts and increased the frequency. I ate healthier meals. I decided to take charge of the matter and began researching the truths about turning 40 and how to embrace the changes with grace. 

I am now forty-three, and I can honestly say I feel good in my own skin. I am confident in my decision making. I have an amazing support system. I exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, and rest as often as possible. 

The most important thing I learned over the past few years is to be kinder to myself. Although my body is not exactly how I want it to look and I have body aches every once in awhile, I am grateful for my health and for my life. I can get out of bed every morning and keep up with my boys who are five and two years old.

We are all in the aging process together. Am I right? Let’s make the best of it!  

Tiffany is a wife, a mom of two IVF babes, a nanny of four, a house manager part-time and an active community volunteer. She was born and raised in Emporia, KS until she moved to Lawrence to gain her KU degree in Social Work. After college, Tiffany relocated to Overland Park and has loved it ever since! She met her husband, an Olathe native, in 2009. Together they have been beating the odds, chasing the Dream, and checking off their bucket lists. Tiffany loves spending her days laughing and playing with her two very active boys, Noah 5 and Derek 2 (plus, four children she cares for). When she is not chasing kids around, she loves curling up on the couch with a good read, drinking a tasty cup of joe, enjoying a glass of wine, running local races, and trying new things!