Family Friendly Bingo at Boulevard

If you’ve been looking for a family friendly spot to play bingo, you’re in luck because Boulevard offers free bingo every Sunday morning in their Rec Center! It’s a fun environment with food, the Boulevard drinks you love, prizes, and even a photo booth. This is the perfect activity especially in the winter or summer months when you’re looking for good indoor entertainment for your kids. We’ve broken down everything you need to know to attend Sunday bingo at Boulevard!


Boulevard Tours and Rec Center
2534 Madison Ave. Kansas City, MO 64108

There is plenty of free parking available in their parking lot.


Bingo takes place every Sunday morning at 11 a.m. and ends around 1 p.m. Doors open at 10 a.m. so you can come and get situated and order food and drinks before the first round begins. You will need to arrive at the time of your reservation.

Making Reservations

To secure your spot be sure to make reservations on the website. Everyone over the age of 3 need a reservation. We like to be there 30 minutes before play starts so we have time to order food and drinks and pick out good seats.


FREE! Each person gets three sets of three bingo cards, one for each round.

Food and Drink

You can order food and drinks at the bar and open a tab that you’ll close before you leave. They have a huge variety of Boulevard drinks including flights to choose from. The menu is small but perfect for snacking. Our favorites are the pretzel bites, dip boards, and the cinnamon rolls. We have also brought in snacks for our kids and seen other tables bring cookies or birthday cakes for a celebration. Water is free and there is a self-serve station to get a glass.


There are three rounds with a 10-15 minute break between rounds. Some rounds will be blackout bingo, or Tank 7 bingo or some other variation. Before play starts make sure to grab a bingo dauber. The caller has a microphone so you should be able to hear the numbers called no matter where you sit.


The announcer will share what the prizes are before each round and there are typically multiple winners per round. Prizes are often a pack of beer (winner must be over 21) or other Boulevard merchandise. For kids they have kid friendly prizes like stickers and other small items.

Other Fun Stuff

Be sure to check out the photo booth! You get four poses and two sets of each photo strip. Tokens for the photo booth are $2 each and can be purchased at the bar.

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