Gaining Confidence with GoPeer Tutoring

This post is sponsored by GoPeer, but the experience + review belong to the writer. Use code CITYMOM20 for $20 tutoring credit and free 7 day trial!

We are a homeschool family.

Embarking on this educational journey has been one of the best (and most challenging) parenting decisions I have made for my children. Taking on the responsibility of navigating their education comes with another added layer to the mental load of motherhood.


The first couple of years have been filled with fun adventures, exploring our interests, and falling in love with learning. As my children are getting older and we are faced with the pressure of not getting behind, I have been struggling to provide the tools for my oldest daughter to maintain her passion for storytelling while equipping her with the writing skills she needs to get her words onto paper. Adding in all of the hurdles that have been thrown at us with COVID, I have felt that our options are pretty limited. I was already overwhelmed with curriculum choices and extracurricular options.

Enter GoPeer tutoring!

GoPeer is a new resource that allows families (all kinds of families, not just homeschool!) to connect with qualified college students who are available for virtual tutoring. Not only are these college students experts in the subjects they are assisting with but they represent fewer than 5 percent of applicants from to-tier universities like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

I was dreading adding another Zoom-style appointment to our schedule, after almost 2 years of being virtual, we are pretty much over it. But we are loving the GoPeer platform, classroom-type experience, and the features offered. My daughter can easily navigate the site to connect with her tutor, access the documents, and even draw on screen! I appreciate how easy it all was to get started, and hasn’t felt like another thing we have to do.

We filled out our information and within minutes I was reading profiles of verified and experienced tutors who were perfectly suited for us. After connecting on the chat feature and coordinating schedules we met with our tutor (who just happened to be homeschooled herself!!) and are moving forward with our learning goals. Scheduling took just a few clicks, and you can get help on any subject within 30 minutes of signing up. We are looking forward to no more struggling through a topic when there are tutors readily available in over 150 subjects and all skill levels available. It was all so easy and affordable.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! Finding resources for her in our struggle areas is such a huge help. We are focusing on reading and writing tutors right now but look forward to using GoPeer to explore more subject areas. We are very excited to learn to code, practice foreign languages and explore musical instruments. 

We are very impressed with GoPeer and want to share this resource for any other families who need that extra help!

Visit GoPeer and use code: citymom20. Enjoy a free $20 credit, and start your free 7-day trial!


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