Gifts that Give Back!

I know most of you are wrapping up your Christmas shopping, but I want to share with you a few more ideas for gifts that do more than just give to your special person – they give to a person in need, as well!

giving back photo

You and Who– These are specially-designed t-shirts available for purchase from various designers in cities around the country. When you purchase a t-shirt from a designer in Sacramento, for example, a needy person in Sacramento will receive that very same shirt. PLUS, You and Who gives a portion of each purchase back to the designer to help fund his/her continued creativity!

Kutoa Bars- I’m not going to lie, I was a little hesitant about these all-natural vegan health bars. I couldn’t even understand how the ingredients stuck together with no corn syrup! However, I was pleasantly surprised. These are delicious! My kids love them, and my husband and I try not to fight over them!

Of course, these are more than just delicious health bars. With every purchase of a Kutoa bar, Kutoa partners with an organization that provides a nutrition pack for a malnourished child. What a great way to eat healthy and help kids around the world get vital nutrients in their diet!

Smiles 4 the People– If you’ve ever wanted an upscale (in feel, not price) toothbrush, you may want to check out these bamboo bristle toothbrushes. They are $6 each and Smiles 4 the People partners with dental charities that then use your $6 to provide dental care for people in need.

WINK Bags– WINK stands for When In Need of Kindness. When your child is receiving emergency or life-threatening care and you find yourself in a room at the Ronald McDonald House, you may find a WINK bag in your room! WINK bags are stylish toiletry bags. When you purchase one, WINK sends a toiletry bag full of all the necessities: deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. This company was started by a mom who spent time in a Ronald McDonald House herself while her child had major surgery. She really knows what it is to be a family in need in a time of crisis and uncertainty.

Hearts 4 Hearts Dolls– You may recall my recent blog post about these awesome dolls, but on the show, I was able to talk about them again! A portion of each doll sale goes to World Vision who then gives money to provide malaria nets, books and other necessities for kids in countries where these dolls are “from.” My daughter doesn’t play with dolls a lot, but she does like this doll and she really likes knowing that part of the money goes to help another little girl in another country. What a great lesson for her to learn!

What products do you love and use that also give back to our community? We’d love to hear about them!

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