Grand Carnivale at Worlds of Fun: A International Festival of Fun for All Ages!

This post was sponsored by Worlds of Fun. The opinions belong to the writer. Visit Grand Carnivale now through August 4!

Grand Carnivale has arrived in KC! Worlds of Fun is bringing the largest summer event in park history through August 4. This international festival features five countries: India, Italy, Germany, China and France.

Each country brings culture, drinks and the most delicious food! Starting at 5 p.m daily, sections of the park transform into a country, themed with cultural highlights, balloon sculptures, sounds and amazing smells. Think festival and street party all in one! At 8:30 p.m. each night, nine illuminated floats and more than 100 performers will be featured in The Spectacle of Color Parade. This includes dancing, singing, actors on stilts, trampoline performers and of course, plenty of Carnivale beads and streamers. This all concludes with an interactive street party from 9-10 p.m.

After touring the world with Grand Carnivale last week, we have a few tips to make it a successful family outing!

KCMB Mom Tips

  • The park allows you to bring in bottled water so remember to pack plenty during these extremely hot days! You can also refill for free at any of the fountain drink stations.
  • Tennis shoes. The five countries are spread throughout the park so if you are planning to take a world tour, make sure you and your kiddos are wearing good walking shoes. Strollers and wagons are allowed (and super helpful), too. 
  • Be camera ready. The performers walk around the park and are fantastic. They are engaging and always up for a photo. At every festival we have attended at Worlds of Fun, we are consistently happy with the level of engagement and helpfulness shown by all the staff and performers. As you know mamas, this can make a difference in your experience! 
  • Take in the amazing shows! Each country boasts their own stage and are ready to dazzle you. You won’t want to miss it! Carnivale is all about the experience, not just the rides. In fact, many in our group skipped the rides and spent the evening taking in Grand Carnivale.

Grand Carnivale

  • Bring your appetite as well as your credit card. Each country has amazing eats with enough food to make a full meal out of it. Our personal favs: Italy’s meatballs and Chinese donuts! Each tent includes alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages as well. You can even purchase a $30 tasting card which gives you one food tasting at each of the six global cuisine locations.
  • Don’t miss the Spectacle of Color Parade at 8:30! You’ll want to find a spot to stand shortly before that. Around the park you will see white tape on the ground which indicates the parade route; position yourself behind the white lines. The parade entertainers throw beads and engage with you so the closer to the lines the better. The parade concludes with the street party in the International Plaza by the entrance! This is where we camped out and it was by far the place to be!
  • The floats stay parked around the International Plaza during the street party so you have plenty of photo ops. Don’t miss some of the interactive elements on the floats including a drumming section at toddler eye level.

Don’t miss the Grand Carnivale celebration for the whole family, open every evening at 5pm now through August 4. It’s obvious Worlds of Fun took the care to design a festival that will become a highlight of every Kansas City family’s summer!

Grand Carnivale is included with park admission or a 2019 Season Pass. Get your tickets online now.  

Grand Carnivale at Worlds of Fun

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