best cookies in Kansas City

It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and a great excuse to try a new bakery to find the best cookies in Kansas City. I love a good chocolate chip cookie but can never limit myself to just one kind of cookie. This guide to the best cookies in Kansas City is not exhaustive but it is a compilation of the Kansas City Mom Collective team’s favorites.


Best Regards Bakery

The bakers at Best Regards make their sugar cookies with high quality European butter and vanilla and use a recipe that results in a buttery and soft shortbread-style cookie. They also sell a variety of other cookies, including their famous cranberry orange cookie.

Blue Chip Cookiesbest cookies in Kansas City

I cannot be convinced that a better sugar cookie exists than the iced sugar cookie at Blue Chip Cookies. It is amazing. I love their other flavors too though, especially the blue chip joy (chocolate chip and coconut) and the peanut butter with chocolate frosting. There are so many amazing choices and their buy 6 get 1 free deal (or get a baker’s dozen) means I can always bring home a variety.

Connie’s Cookies

Located in Overland Park, Connie’s Cookies is well known for their frosted sugar cookies, but they carry a variety of flavors, including an amazing frosted lemon cookie.

Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl is a new cookie franchise that is rapidly expanding across the country. There are currently locations in Olathe and Overland Park but I imagine there will be more in the metro soon. Their selection of cookies rotates each week and there are always six different flavors to choose from. Some are served warm and some are served chilled and these cookies are LARGE (I eat slices of them like I would a pie). Download their app so you can skip the line and have the cookies delivered or brought to your car. You can also earn rewards points by using the app. I love seeing what their next weekly lineup will be on Sunday evenings on their social media accounts!

Clockwise from top: Dolce Bakery, Crumbl Cookies, and KC Cookie Company.

Dolce Bakery

Located in Prairie Village, Dolce Bakery serves a variety of amazing baked goods. Their sugar cookies have a hint of lemon and cream cheese frosting that makes them unique and delicious. They also carry a variety of classic cookie selections available year-round, and they have a rotating seasonal menu as well.

KC Cookie Company

Based out of a home in west Olathe, KC Cookie Company launched in 2020 and has become wildly popular. They do pickup orders at their home and pop up events around town. When I went to a recent pop-up the line was long, a clear indicator that the cookies were going to be good! I ordered about a dozen cookies of different types, and my favorites were the lemon and the nutter butter flavors. These cookies are large and tall, and slightly undercooked in the center. They are very rich and very delicious.


Eileen’s Colossal Cookies

There are two locations in the Northland. One on Barry Rd in KCMO and another in Liberty. They offer at least 12 flavors in their 3 inch cookies as well as colossal 4 inch cookies. You can also get cookie cakes in a variety of sizes and customized for your event.

Mary’s Mountain Cookies

Located in Belton, MO, Mary’s Mountain Cookies offers a buy 6, get 2 free deal! In addition to a wide selection of cookie flavors, they also offer gluten free cookies, brownies, and edible cookie dough.

McLain’s Bakery/Market

McLain’s has locations in KCMO, Overland Park, Shawnee, and Lawrence. They are best known for their chocolate cupcookies (a pecan sandy with a swirl of chocolate frosting on top) and they are SO good.

Scola’s Italian Cookies

Located in North KCMO, Scola’s offers authentic Italian cookies that you usually only find at weddings. Favorites are the neapolitan which has a slight taste of almond flavoring in a delicate cookie and the tay tu’s – a chocolate ball with a hint of espresso. Tip: get a 1 pound sampler so you can try them all!

Skratch Bakery

Located in Lee’s Summit, Skratch Bakery makes amazing cinnamon rolls and cakes but they are also home of an award-winning chocolate chip sea salt cookie. They have limited days/hours so make sure you check the schedule before you stop by!

With these tasty options, you’re on your way to discovering the best cookies in Kansas City!

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