How a Women’s-Only Gym Helped Me Set 2021 Intentions

I hate the gym. I hate walking in a looking at endless weight racks and equipment. I hate feeling like everyone there knows way more than I do about fitness all because they are wearing their cute workout gear and showing off their big, toned muscles. I also hate how I feel so self-conscious when I’m there.

DumbellsEndless thoughts run through my head, like whether my sweat is showing through my leggings, can people see my underwear, did I remember to shave my armpits, or if I am doing an exercise wrong, will people call me out on it.

However, after 2020 and putting life into survival mode, I decided that I needed to start thinking about how I am going to realistically improve myself in 2021.

I wanted to make this more than just a resolution, but an intentional thing that I was going to do to improve myself. I had not worked out regularly since finding out I was pregnant January of 2019 and wanted to finally dedicate a little bit of time for self-care by participating in something I enjoyed doing. Being so terrified of going to the gym and embarrassing myself, I did some research to see what was out there to try that was not your standard “gym.”

Finding the Right Gym

I needed to find someplace I would be excited to attend every day, a place that offered workout classes I was interested in and people around me who I felt comfortable being myself in front of. There was a place that I had noticed recently on my daily drive to work that showed up on my Google search of “Local Gyms” called Blush Boot Camp, so I chose to dig a little deeper, and I’m so glad that I did. This place has been everything I was looking for and more.

Blush Boot Camp is more than a gym. It is a community of women: women trainers, members, and office staff who have come together to promote a healthy lifestyle. There are locations in the the Northland, Olathe, and Lee’s Summit with new locations coming soon to Liberty, Blue Springs, South Olathe and Leawood. They are open seven days a week, and offer classes ranging from 4:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. They also offer free childcare with your membership, which was another obstacle stopping me from starting my journey sooner. The workouts are a mixture of cardio and weightlifting and are ever-changing. They are structured as group fitness classes, so I just show up ready to work out and the trainers tell me what to do and where to go — no more mindlessly wandering around deciding what exercises I should be pretending to complete.

One of the owner’s of Blush Boot Camp, Missy, is a personal trainer, mother, and former educator, who truly cares about every woman who walks into Blush and wants to make their experience a positive one. I was extremely nervous for my first class because I had not touched a weight for what felt like an eternity, but everyone there was accommodating and understanding. The members at Blush range from gym newbie to women who have been members for years. At first, this can seem intimidating, but I quickly learned that the trainers will make sure everyone can participate in every exercise, modifying as the workout progresses.

The Perks of Blush

Many of the trainers at my location are moms and can relate to the struggle of postpartum exercise which I greatly appreciated. For example, jumping is almost impossible post-baby and I pee my pants every time (TMI), so they helped me modify this by taking out jumping exercises and incorporated something more doable for me. The trainers will even make jokes about post-baby life and make sure all the members are comfortable with approaching them with their issues. This is something I would have never felt confident in doing at your typical gym.

With my membership, I receive meal and wellness advice from one of the certified  Women exercisingtrainers. This was extremely important to me as well because during quarantine I felt as if I let that part of my life get out of hand (again, I went into survival mode and was eating based on what was available at the grocery store that week), and I appreciated having someone sit with me, be very understanding of the circumstances, not shame me or make me feel like a failure, and give tips to help me stay on track. I also will get follow up appointments to see how I am progressing throughout the next few months.

Lastly, there are a couple of Facebook groups that I was able to join after becoming a member and these have now become one of my favorite parts about Blush. Originally, I was not interested in joining the groups. Most groups I join on Facebook are very negative — body shaming, mom-shaming, and tearing women down instead of empowering them. These groups are nothing like that. So much motivation, women empowerment, strength, and true advice is given on these platforms. They also offer Facebook LIVE training sessions for those who cannot attend in the classes person, again with modifications for at home workouts. Women also post recipe ideas and have challenges throughout the month to keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable.

women exercisingIf exercising and moving your body more is on your 2021 New Year’s resolution list and you do not know where to begin, I highly suggest checking out Blush Boot Camp. I appreciate the community aspect of women who are always cheering each other on in class and pushing each other. It is almost like a team competing together, which I love, and the trainers are the coaches who encourage you to keep going. They have truly changed my view on exercise. I no longer am looking to “lose weight” but instead I want to feel stronger; I want to lift heavy things and feel proud of what my body can do.

What are your intentions for 2021?

To note, Blush Boot Camp is following all Jackson County guidelines for COVID-19. Masks are worn, equipment is sanitized between each class, and class-size numbers are limited, so signing up in advance is necessary. For more information visit

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