How I Met Your Father: A Love Story with Life Lessons

Dear Girls,

2I’m writing today to tell you the story about how I met your father. It’s not some fairytale romance so don’t worry – I won’t embarrass you with mushy details about it being love at first sight and how I was swept off my feet by a grand romantic gesture. No, I’ll embarrass you in other ways. Because the story of how I met and fell in love with your father isn’t the, how should I say this, classiest of stories.

Along the way, I’ll point out some very important life lessons. Lessons that I feel need to be engrained into your minds and ones that Daddy and I will try to teach you time and time again as you both grow up and eventually find life partners of your own. Here goes…

In August 2007, I was visiting my cousin in Kansas City and I met your daddy in a bar (the now defunct Revolver) while a 90s cover band played Semi-Charmed Life or some other equally great song from arguably the best decade of music. Note: I’m positive every music buff person will disagree with that statement but I don’t care. The music from the 90s is awesome. I remember being introduced to Daddy for the first time and never thinking for one second that this would the be guy I was going to marry. Our first meeting was brief. I assume it was because his date for the night would be returning to the table shortly and wouldn’t have found it humorous that he was entertaining the likes of another gal (me).

Yep. Daddy and I met while he was on a date with someone else. I must have made some sort of first impression, though, because later on in the night, Daddy called Aunt Alyssa to find out where we were, totally ditched the other girl and came to hang out with me instead. Which brings me to lesson #1…

Any guy who ditches a girl in the middle of a date isn’t the guy for you. Daddy is the ONLY exception.

20It’s never fun to be ditched. Likewise, don’t be the ditcher. That’s just not cool. It’s equally important to remember if you happen to meet someone, maybe even “the one” in a random bar, to take a quick scan around the room to make sure they aren’t currently on a date. It’s not a good thing to be the “other woman.” Luckily, it worked out in this scenario. *wink wink*

By the end of that first night, your dad and I had exchanged numbers and he had called me beautiful. I left the next day to start my senior year of college, and he texted me later on to make sure I had gotten home safely. We continued to text over the next couple of days. Never a phone call, because honestly, who talks on the phone these days?!

A few weeks later, I was in KC again and Daddy and I decided that we should go out on a real date. I was excited for a nice dinner out with this guy I was still getting to know, a chance of us to really talk and connect. Well, drinks started flowing and somewhere along the way, we decided it would be a fabulous idea to hit up the local strip club.

Yep. Daddy and I went to a strip club on our very first date. Sad, but true. I’m not sure whose idea it actually was (surely, it wasn’t mine?!) but we managed to find a designated driver to take us to the strip joint for some late-night entertainment. Now, don’t worry, we mostly sat in the corner away from the action, if you will, and were only there long enough to enjoy one mediocre cocktail before calling it a night. But still. We went.

Lesson #2…

Any guy who takes you to a strip club on your first date – or EVER for that matter – is not the guy for you. Even if it was your idea – if he agrees to take you to the strip club RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Daddy is the ONLY exception.

4After our successful (?) first date, I decided I was really starting to like this guy and invited him up to visit me at college. We’d take in a football game and hang out with my friends. Drinks started flowing again (and girls, remember to ALWAYS drink responsibly!) and at one point, Daddy slipped and fell head-first onto a concrete floor as he was trying to change a lightbulb or something impress me. And this is lesson #3…

If your friend smacks their head on the concrete, call a doctor. They may or may not have a concussion. Daddy isn’t the exception here – we should have totally called a doctor…
Mild concussion and all, it was a great weekend and by the end of it, we had decided to start dating. Like, boyfriend/girlfriend status. We had a feeling it could be the real deal.

Over the next several months, your dad and I continued our long-distance relationship, met each other’s families and fell in love. After I graduated from college, I moved to KC, we bought a house and decided to get married and live happily ever after.

The eight short years I’ve known your father have been the best years of my life. He’s kind and loyal. He’s funny, he’s my best friend, and he loves me. Above all, he’s the one who made me a mama. And he is such a good dad.

Fourth and final lesson…

When you are trying to decide if the person you’re with will make a good parent some day, look to your father. Daddy is exceptional. 

He really is. I’m so glad I met your father.


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Mackenzie Oakley
Hi! I’m Mackenzie, wife to Justin and mama to three beautiful babes. I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD and headed south for college in Lincoln, NE where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from UNL. I met my husband while I was visiting family in Kansas City in August 2007 and we've been together ever since. After graduating college in 2008, I landed my first job in Kansas City, Justin and I bought a house in Olathe, got married and started our little family. We’ve called the KC-area home for almost 10 years now! I work full-time for a small marketing firm and spend what little free time I have loving on my kids, attempting a little DIY here and blogging over at Baby By Oakley.