How I Met Your Father: “That Guy”

1928968_529113131051_3180_nBefore he was your dad, there was this guy that all the girls kept talking about. Matt Marasco. This HOT guy on the baseball team. I remember hearing all my friends’ comments, “he’s so tall, and so handsome, and really kind, and so respectful.” I remember clearly telling my girlfriends, “he is probably not that great.” For months, Matt Marasco was this infamous person who I had only seen via a small picture of his face on the K-State baseball team roster.

Then, one day I left my phone in a friend’s dorm room. After class I dropped by his dorm to grab my phone. When I stepped into the room, it was full of guys. As my friend introduced me to the guys, one name stuck out to me… Matt Marasco. My heart kind of dropped! Oh my gosh! This is THAT GUY that my friends have been talking about. We exchanged a few words, and he gave me a piece of orange chocolate and then I left. I immediately called my best friend and told her that I finally met THAT guy that our friends keep swooning over. Of course, I thought he was handsome and he seemed nice. BUT, I still didn’t believe that all the claims that my friends made about him were true. For the time being he was just THAT HOT GUY who I had finally met.

vscocam-photo-1-16Several months passed and then we randomly ran into each other at a school event. We made small talk and then I invited to stay and have lunch with me and my friends. At lunch, I started to see all these great things about THIS guy that my friends had been talking about. I walked out of that lunch just has smitten as they were. Thankfully, Matt had the same feelings for me. This began that awkward season of “do I text?, will he text, will he ask me out, etc.”

Slowly I went from knowing him as THAT guy to that guy that I want to marry. We got married after dating for two and half years and then three years later, we had our first baby.

Your daddy is all those things that my friends claimed. Of course he is not perfect, and neither am I. But we love doing this imperfect life together. Your daddy loves me well. He serves and cares for our family, and I’m so thankful I lost my phone.

THAT guy really is THAT great.

Happy Father’s Day, Matthew.

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